Sensational! Expert said when the war ends

Sensational! Expert said when the war ends
Sensational! Expert said when the war ends

According to the most pessimistic scenario, the war in Ukraine could end next summer. However, more optimistic options should also be considered. This was stated by the military expert Oleg Zhdanov, according to whom the full-scale war, which Russia started unprovoked on February 24, may end very soon.

Zhdanov was asked when the war would end. The expert admitted that this is a rather difficult question, writes the UNIAN agency. “I will say this: according to the most pessimistic estimate that can be given today, it is next summer. Why?

Because the weapons move very slowly. Today we are conducting some counter-offensives, but we cannot launch a major counter-offensive because there are not enough weapons. What they are delivering to us is not the volume that is needed to create a new army to conduct a counteroffensive operation and push the enemy to the borders of 1991,” Zhdanov said.

“The optimistic forecast is if something happens with Putin and there is a change of the political regime in the Russian Federation. Then there is a chance that the war will be over within days. The army will be demoralized, the new leadership may order the withdrawal of troops (from Ukraine). More exact ceasefire but we will drive them to the borders.

That’s why I say that this is the lucky forecast,” Zhdanov said. According to him, the pessimistic forecast is that the war will last until the summer of 2023.

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