British intelligence: Russia has problems with drones

In today’s recap of the British military intelligence, which analyzes the offensive actions of Ukraine in the Kherson regionthe UK Ministry of Defense highlights the problem with drones, which Russia appears to have encountered. Unmanned aerial vehicles are vulnerable to both kinetic interference (directly shot down) and electronic jamming.

Referring to the Twitter account of “Odessa Vestnik”, military intelligence observers wrote that over the weekend over the west bank of the Dnieper River only 27 flights of Russian drones – compared to an average of 50 per day in August. On August 21, Ukrainian forces reported the downing of three Russian Orlan 10 tactical drones in one day.

In the past years Russian military doctrine assigns unmanned aerial vehicles an increasingly important role – especially for detecting targets for artillery strikes. Given the combat losses, it is likely that Russia will struggle to maintain a stockpile of such machines, which is complicated by the shortage of components as a result of international sanctions.

The limited availability of reconnaissance drones likely impairs tactical awareness and increasingly complicates Russian operations, the report concluded.

Russia received the Iranian drones, but they were defective

Russia received the Iranian drones, but they were defective

Moscow is unable to produce its own because of the sanctions

We remind you that the British research group Conflict Armament Research (CAR), after having examined in the period from July 12 to 16 materials from weapons used during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, came to the conclusion that many foreign components are used in them. 650 unique items from 144 non-Russian manufacturers have been identified, with many of the parts produced after 2014 – when the conflict between Ukraine and Russia began and when Western countries imposed sanctions on Russia. Many of these components were produced after 2014, some even in 2021.

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