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Silvio Berlusconi is back on a white horse

Back to politics

He is famous for the “bunga-bunga” parties in his villa

Kissing in the stadium with her obscene young boyfriend

The ex-wife Veronica Lario accused Berlusconi of personally insisting on the inclusion of curvy, attractive young blondes from the show business in the lists for the European Parliament.

After several years of silence, four-time former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has announced that he will run for a seat in the Senate this year in early elections on September 25. This will happen four days before he turns 86.

His Forza Italia party is likely to appear in a center-right coalition with Giorgia Meloni’s Italian Brothers, who was his minister, and former interior minister Matteo Salvini’s League. Snap elections were called after Mario Draghi’s cabinet failed to win support in a confidence vote in July and the prime minister was forced to resign. Berlusconi will not contest the leadership post, but his party is expected to take between 7 and 8 percent of the vote and play a key role in the future governance of Italy over the next five years.

Silvio Berlusconi is no longer friends with Vladimir Putin.

Besides, nothing is certain with him, because at the beginning of the year he refused to run for president literally at the last minute before the elections. His attitude towards Vladimir Putin also changed radically. While earlier Berlusconi has repeatedly demonstrated his friendship with the Russian president, whose villa he even visited, now for the first time he criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which brought a “painful war to the heart of Europe”.

Man of life

Silvio Berlusconi is one of the most colorful and scandalous personalities of our time. He is a successful entrepreneur, combinatorial politician, media magnate and savior of the football club “Milan”. He is also a man of life – his “bunga-bunga” parties or rather orgies with dancers and prostitutes in his villa near Milan are legendary. Because of one of them years ago, the bon vivant was accused of raping a minor.

The “Berlusconi” era was the most successful in the history of “Milan”.

And other lawsuits have been brought against Berlusconi – for tax fraud (he even has a sentence from 2013 and a ban on holding public positions for six years) and for trying to bribe witnesses in the rape case. Despite the ban, in 2019, when he was 82, the politician managed to win a vote and become an MEP from his Forza Italia party.

Now that the clouds of justice have cleared over his head, Berlusconi is preparing to jump again, despite three bypasses, a replaced aortic valve and the effects of the coronavirus that felled him in September 2020 and landed him in hospital. But even if he fails to enter the Senate, he remains one of Italy’s longest-serving prime ministers – with a total of 20 years in politics and over 50 parliamentary votes of confidence. As well as one of the richest Italians – according to “Forbes” magazine, as of 2010, he owns 9 billion dollars.

Scandals with women

Berlusconi often occupies the front pages of the newspapers because of the scandals in which he gets involved. In 2009, the underage exotic dance performer Karima el Mahroug, better known as Ruby, accused him of rape. She attended several bunga-bunga parties at the villa of a politician who was prime minister at the time. In the course of the case, it was proved that the girl was a prostitute, received generous gifts from the bon vivant, and he had a sexual act with her, but did not know that she was 17 years old. Thus, his original sentence of 7 years in prison was overturned and Berlusconi was finally acquitted in 2015.

His meetings with Themis do not end there. He and 28 other men and young women are accused of witness corruption in the first trial, which acquired the name “Rubygate”. One of the witnesses in the new case – Ambra Batalina, “Miss Piedmont 2010”, tells in great detail how the “elegant evenings” took place, as Berlusconi calls them – a wild orgy with naked dancing, groping and sex toys.

Some ladies rise thanks to the coupons. Nicole Minetti, for example, a former dental hygienist and dancer who also played the role of a pimp, became an MP in the regional parliament of Lombardy. Maria Rosaria Rossi became a deputy in Rome, a member of the Legal Commission in the Parliament. Both ladies were later investigated in the case of witness corruption in the first Rubygate case.

Broken marriages


The ex-wife Veronica Lario accused Berlusconi of personally insisting on the inclusion of curvy, attractive young blondes from the show business in the lists for the European Parliament.

Berlusconi’s passions destroyed both his marriages. His first wife – Carla Dall’Oglio – is only 3 years younger than him. She is the mother of two of his children. They divorced after almost 20 years of marriage in 1985. At that time, he was already in love with the actress Veronica Lario, 17 years younger than Carla, who played in his Manzoni theater. She became the billionaire’s second wife in 1990. She gave birth to three children.

Their romance ended in 2009. Veronica wanted a divorce because of her husband’s infatuation with young women. The final straw came when photos of the 18-year-old model Noemi Letizia’s birthday, which was attended by the prime minister, appeared in the newspapers. Of course, the scandal with Ruby also contributed to the divorce.

Berlusconi and Veronica could not agree on the compensation she should receive after the divorce, and the case continued for 10 years. Finally, in 2020, they agreed on the sum of 28 million euros. In the meantime, she receives 2 million euros a month in alimony until things are settled.

Francesca Pascale, who is 49 years younger than Berlusconi, replaces Veronica. He noticed her back in 2011 because she is one of the most ardent activists of his party. After their relationship breaks up, the generous Silvio leaves her a villa with a large park. Francesca receives 2 million euros for each year of their life together, or 20 million euros. In addition, she is provided with an allowance of 1 million euros per year.

There is no age for love, and in March 2020 it became known that Berlusconi was in a relationship with Marta Fashina, 53 years his junior. The luscious blonde is a former model and MP from “Forza Italia”. Berlusconi likes her while working in the press center of the Milan football club he owned until 2016. The two were spotted kissing passionately at the stadium during a match of Silvio’s current team – Monza.

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