Scumbags sell us for a handful of rubles. It takes very little to stop them

Scumbags sell us for a handful of rubles. It takes very little to stop them
Scumbags sell us for a handful of rubles. It takes very little to stop them

I watch the news from the Ukrainian front.

I watch the Russian occupiers retreat.

I watch inspired people fight for their freedom.

I watch the Ukrainian people suffer and the lives of millions destroyed or ruined.

I watch the Russian people suffer, ruined by the maniacal madness of the Kremlin dictator.

I’m watching a mighty country fall because of its own lunatic ruler.

I watch the democratic world stand united against the dictator and his crimes.

I watch how the democratic world responds to the extortions of the Kremlin dictator.

I see how even municipal officials from Moscow and St. Petersburg demand the resignation of the Kremlin dictator in order to stop this madness.

And municipal deputies in Moscow demanded Putin's resignation

And I have a huge fear of how we could very briefly end up on the wrong side of history. Just for a little while.

How long will we be humiliated by insolent slanderers who got hold of illegal power?

The democratic world clearly says who the criminal is and what to do with him. The democratic world is united in its response and its positions.

And in our country, greedy politicians want to sell us for a handful of rubles. Remember those politicians, ministers, businessmen, trade unionists, cultists, streamers and all other scoundrels who did not stop talking about negotiations with “Gazprom”, about visits to Putin, about giving Putin a new puppy, about understanding, about neutrality , to bow down, to surrender our national interest… It’s like that in our country…

Scoundrels. They want to sell us for a handful of rubles. And throw us back into the hands of a maniacal dictator.

They should be denounced as national traitors.

They should be thrown out of public life.

They should bear the shame of their actions.

Let’s get back to the wrong side of history for a moment. In a little while we will again become the laughingstock and scorn of the whole world.

We are almost ashamed of the future generations.

We’re not just degrading. They are destroying us. A few salesmen are destroying us, for a handful of rubles.

Elections are coming. Think, please. Do not vote for any salesman who worked for the interests of the dictator. Otherwise, we will not liberate ourselves, we will not become a normal country, we will not bring the young back home.

You need quite a bit. Vote against the dictator and his lackeys in our country.

Peaceful day!

We are republishing the text from the author’s Facebook profile with his permission. The title and subtitle are the editor’s.

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