Hundreds of thousands thank Erdogan. What did the Turkish president do?

Hundreds of thousands thank Erdogan. What did the Turkish president do?
Hundreds of thousands thank Erdogan. What did the Turkish president do?

Over 705,000 applications were submitted by Turkish citizens to apply for the social housing project on the first day after it was announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on September 13 this year, BTA reports.

Applicants must pay a 500 Turkish lira fee in one of the state banks in advance in order to be allowed to participate in the draw that will determine the candidates.

Turkish Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum said on live television that construction tenders for the first stage are expected to be announced on October 10.

“We plan to hand over the finished homes of the first stage to their owners in two years. The value of the first stage of the project will be 422 billion Turkish lira. A discount of 40 percent is given. In the first stage, it is planned to build 250 thousand social housing he stated.

The minister emphasized that the social housing project is the largest social project in the country’s history.

“There is extremely great interest in it on the part of citizens in all 81 districts of the country. It is included in the 5-year social program of the government and will contribute to an increase in employment. It is planned to build a total of 500 within 5 years thousands of homes across the country. The deadline for applications is October 31,” he added.

Social housing will be intended for low-income citizens, with the threshold for Istanbul being 18,000 Turkish Liras and 16,000 Turkish Liras for the other counties.

Separate quotas are set aside for young people, for relatives of fallen soldiers, for the disabled and for pensioners.

The repayment of the loans for the purchase of the homes in question will be possible for a period of up to 240 months.

Erdogan announced that the price of a three-room apartment from the project will be 609,000 Turkish lira, and a four-room apartment – 850,000 Turkish lira.

According to opposition analysts, the indicated figures are unrealistic given inflation.

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