Straf battalion “Wagner”. Putin’s chef auditions for the private company in a Russian prison (video)

Straf battalion “Wagner”. Putin’s chef auditions for the private company in a Russian prison (video)
Straf battalion “Wagner”. Putin’s chef auditions for the private company in a Russian prison (video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin is restoring Stalin’s straf battalions (punishment battalions), Ukrainian journalist and editor-in-chief of Yury Butusov announced on his Facebook profile. Butusov released a video, recorded at an undisclosed location, showing oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, nicknamed “Putin’s Chef”, recruiting incarcerated criminals to serve in the Wagner private military company he controls. The recording can also be seen on Hristo Grozev’s twitter. OFFNews was able to locate the shooting location in the city of Yoshkar-Ola in the Russian republic of Mari El.

Butusov’s comment provoked a retort from his readers about the comparison to strafbat, since Stalin’s punitive battalions very often included repressed and innocent servicemen, while “Wagner” recruited bandits officially recognized as criminals by a Russian court.

“Prigozhin promised amnesty to the murderers and rapists of Russians if they signed a 6-month contract and went to kill Ukrainians. Compare this with the video in which the Ukrainian soldiers sing in a choir the national anthem of Ukraine and voluntarily go to the front,” says Butusov.

By the landscape in the background behind the prisoners, OFFNews was able to identify the place where the recruitment is taking place as Correctional Colony (Prison) No. 6 in the Republic of Mari El. The place is recognizable by the characteristic domes of the temple “Holy Royal Passions”, begun in 2007 and consecrated in 2013, about which there are materials in the press and on the site of places of deprivation of liberty. The prison is in the city of Yoshkar-Ola at 56 A Stroiteley St.

The footage shows a man who actually looks like Yevgeny Prigozhin walking into a square of well-built prisoners and telling them what “Wagner” is and what “job” he is offering them. Here is the text of the motivational talk:

I am a representative of a private military company, you have probably heard, it is called PMC “Wagner”.

War is hard. It doesn’t even look a bit like the various Chechen or other wars there. Ammunition consumption for me is approximately two and a half times more than for Stalingrad.

In my divisions, the amount of ammunition used is approximately two and a half times more than at Stalingrad.

The first sin is desertion. No one backs down, no one backs down, no one surrenders. When you start the training, about your actions when captured, you will be told about the two grenades that you should have with you.

The second sin is alcohol and drugs. In the combat zone, and during this half year while you are with us you will be in the combat zone all the time.

And the third sin is looting, including sexual contact with local women, fleet, fauna, men or whatever.

The minimum age of those we take is 22 years. If they are younger, they need a letter from the closest relatives that they are not against it. The maximum age, conditionally, is 50 years, but if it is a question of a healthy candidate, even here during the interview we will conduct elementary tests, we will assess the physical form – it is extremely necessary, we look at how healthy you are and then we decide whether to hire you.

The first prisoners who fought with me started the war on June 1 during the storming of the Ugledar TPP, 40 people from Peter (St. Petersburg), prisoners of a strict regime, recidivists. 40 people broke into the enemy’s trenches, slaughtered him with knives, we gave three casualties and 7 wounded, one of the dead was 52 years old with 30 years in prison. He died heroically.

We carefully treat those who are in prison under Article 228 of the Criminal Code (illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, production, processing of narcotic substances, psychotropic substances or their analogues, b.r.), being exclusively guided by this whether there was dependence or not. If there are any questions we reserve the right while preparing to pick you up to conduct a lie detector test and check how resilient a person is. We are very careful with those who are in prison for sexual offenses from the NC, but we understand that mistakes also happen.

Who do we need? We desperately need stormtroopers. 60 percent of my guys are storm troopers and you’ll be one of them. You will be no different from us. You will be treated the same, and sometimes more loyally even than such fighters who have fought with me for many years and have gone through dozens of wars. Fire support platoons and other units that provide the offensive – I have in the PMC aircraft, several types, I have MLRS (reactive salvo fire systems), I have tanks, I have everything that is needed to advance effectively. Those who move in the front, who are the most daring, they survive better. And those who backslide and don’t know what to do, they fall into turmoil and the result is clear.

After I tell you everything, you will be interviewed. I will be present for a little while, and then a few of my subordinates will remain, who will have a conversation with each of you over the course of 2-3 hours. They will look into your eyes, ask a few questions. Those who die – the bodies are sent to a place you specify in your wills, to your relatives or buried where you want. Usually the burials are in the alleys of the heroes in the cities where there are them, and for those who have not expressed a specific desire, we bury them near the “Wagner Bell Tower” in Goryachii Klyuch (a domed tower in a wooded area in the Krasnodar region near the training base of PMC “Wagner” in memory of the fallen fighters of the company).

Further on. After 6 months you return home after receiving a pardon. Those who want to stay with us – stay. So, there is no option to send you back to prison. And for those who decide in the early days that this is not where they wanted to end up, we mark “deserter” and then a shooting follows.

Do you guys have any questions? After the questions, everyone lines up for the interview. Time to make a decision – 5 minutes. When we leave – time ends. Further – how lucky you are. The question of trust guarantees is the following: Is there anyone who can get you out of here with a ten-year sentence? There are two who get away. Allah and God, in wooden chests. I’m getting you out alive. But I don’t always return alive.

So what, guys, do you have any questions? Or so I told you things so that everything is clear. In that case, 5 minutes to think and let’s start. While I’m here, decide.

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