Putin’s Chef: Either mercenaries and prisoners, or your children

From Yevgeny Prigozhin’s catering company commented on the video in which he agitates convicts to go to war – “Or Private Military Companies* and prisoners, or your children.

These are the words of Putin’s close friend Prigozhin, and part of the statement published by the press service of “Concord” on the Russian social network VK.

The statement is attributed to Prigogine himself, called Putin’s Chef. The BBC’s Russian editorial gives the entire statement as a quote:

“No doubt, if I were a prisoner, I would dream of joining this friendly collective, so that I could not only redeem my debt to the country, but also return it to her in excess.”

And to the criticism that the Kremlin is sending convicts with pardons as soldiers, Prigozhin stated: “And one last remark: those who do not want Private armies and prisoners to fight, who argue on this topic, who do not want to do anything and on in principle do not like this topic, and to send their children to the front – either private armies and convicts, or your children – decide for yourself.”

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Yesterday, in a video circulating on social networks, a man who looks a lot like businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin agitated the convicts to go to war. It is not clear in which colony (prison) this happened.

The man in the video promises, that if the convicts survive six months at the front, they will be released. And if they are killed, they will be buried where they wish.

Before that, on Thursday morning, the press service of “Concord” first commented on the video with a not so direct admission that Prigozhin was actually in it. “We can indeed confirm that the man in the video bears an uncanny resemblance to Yevgeny Viktorovich. Judging by his rhetoric, he is somehow involved in fulfilling the objectives of the special operation, and it seems that he is succeeding in doing so.”

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From Russia for a long time information is coming about the mobilization of convicts in the war, which the Kremlin is leading in Ukraine, against promises of freedom. The founder of the Gulagu.net portal Vladimir Osechkin describes it in detail.

On Wednesday supporters of Alexei Navalny distributed material in which they claimed that they were taken out of the colony where the opposition politician was imprisoned and sentenced. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also confirmed this information in its report.

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The FBI offers $250,000 for the “head” of “Putin’s Cook”

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*Russian-language media use the abbreviation PMC – private military companies, for the “Wagner” army, formed by mercenaries.

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