Energy expert Vasko Nachev died suddenly (Updated)

Energy expert Vasko Nachev died suddenly (Updated)
Energy expert Vasko Nachev died suddenly (Updated)

The energy expert Vasko Nachev died suddenly a few hours ago, his friend, our former ambassador to Russia Iliyan Vassilev, confirmed to “24 Chasa”.

He announced his death on Facebook: “It is with great sadness that I inform you that my outstanding friend and comrade Vasko Nachev has passed away! I am with Tsvetomila and his children in my thoughts and prayers. May God forgive him. We will be together in the other world too. Thank you Vasco!”

Just 4 hours ago, Vasko Nachev wrote on Facebook: “Despite their workload in the pre-election race, Vazrazhdane is considering whether not to organize a national rally/protest against the Russians who have decided to emigrate from Russia?”

Nachev was born in Pleven. An energy expert and oil market analyst, he has many years of experience as a drilling engineer in oil production. He has worked as a consultant on oil and gas exploration and production in various countries of the Middle East, Egypt, Kazakhstan and most recently in Indonesia.

He is the author of numerous articles and analyzes relating to the oil and gas sector both in Bulgaria and internationally.

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