Gala froze, Rachkov ruined her with a direct insult

In the first issue of the new season of Na Kafe, many local celebrities wished success and high ratings to Gala and her team. The greeting of the comedian Dimitar Rachkov, however, slightly chilled the host, and probably the viewers as well. The beloved actor and presenter called the Gala with a rather offensive definition – Eternal Amber.

The nickname comes from Kathleen Winsor’s work of the same name, which tells the story of an ambitious mistress who climbs the social ladder solely thanks to her beauty and lovers. A modern successful woman like Gala can hardly be flattered by the comparison with Amber. It is also a fact that many use this epithet against her.

Of course, Rachkov immediately made the reservation that this was a joke. To compensate for the possible insult, he added that he wished his fellow actor Darin Angelov and the other male panelists would behave better with their boss.

“Don’t bully her Gala! If you continue like this, I will come and sweep the studio with you!”, Rachkov made such a comical threat. And by the way, I made another joke about the number of people who work at Na Kafe.

“Well, you are a lot of people, how do you get paid?”, the comedian turned to the reporter at the Gala, writes

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