Dilyana Popova and Asen Blatechki gathered for their son’s birthday

There are a number of places where any child would happily celebrate their birthday, and the Wurstelprater amusement park, often simply called the Prater, is without a doubt one of them. And how could it be otherwise, given that today, due to the many attractions lined up around it, including the famous 65-meter Ferris wheel, which has become a symbol of the city, its name is invariably associated with unforgettable moments dedicated to exciting entertainment. That is why it is not surprising that Dilyana Popova and Asen Blatechki chose to take their son there as a gift for his personal holiday.

Gathering to celebrate Boril’s eight-year anniversary together, the former partners proved that nothing was more important to them than the happiness of their heir, who certainly wanted to spend his special day in the company of both his parents.

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In itself, their kind gesture testifies that the love they feel for their child is much stronger than all the contradictions that led to their separation last year. And in case there are still any unresolved issues between them, they definitely don’t look like the photos taken during their stay in the Austrian capital, which they recently decided to share with their followers on social networks.

A day ago, the model shared on her personal Instagram account a gallery containing three images. On two of them, she seemed to refuse to let the boy go even for a moment from her arms, showering him with gentle kisses on the cheek.

Photo: Official Instagram profile

At the latter, however, he does so so that his father can take his rightful place on the other side of him, joining them in front of the photographic lens.

Happy birthday to the wonderful one! May he be healthy, happy and successful! Happy Holidays“, reads the message to her post, which quickly gathered over 13 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

The actor also did not miss to mark his son’s birthday, uploading a photo of them together, in which he points to the tattoo done on the outside of his fingers, curled into a fist to make it easier to read. On each of them there is a letter that spells “Bori”, as apparently everyone fondly calls the child.

Happy Birthday! Already at 8!“, Blatechki wrote. US

Photo: Official Instagram profile

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