“Tea for harmony” to the sound of the song “From Vitosha with love” delighted the friends of China in Bulgaria

“Tea for harmony” to the sound of the song “From Vitosha with love” delighted the friends of China in Bulgaria
“Tea for harmony” to the sound of the song “From Vitosha with love” delighted the friends of China in Bulgaria

The event was held in one of the halls of the Chinese Cultural Center in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, as the beginning of a series of initiatives related to the tea ceremony and the art of Chinese tea, Radio China reports.

The presentation of the video “From Vitosha with love” was greeted with applause and ovations by the representatives of Bulgarian and foreign media, the embassy of the PRC in Sofia, ministries, universities and scientific institutes, who were invited by the Chinese Cultural Center in Sofia, to a special tea party ceremony entitled “Tea for Harmony”.

This is the motto of a series of events dedicated to Chinese tea – a favorite drink for young and old, for pleasure or for treatment, for tone or relaxation, with different aromas and tastes.

Before the official opening of the event, the guests were pleasantly surprised with the showing of the video “From Vitosha with love” – ​​prepared by the Bulgarian editorial team of the Chinese Media Group and Studio Vitosha, as a special greeting, filled with a lot of love, from China to Bulgaria, on the occasion of 24 May – the feast of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius and of the Bulgarian alphabet.

We explained to the guests that the clip was the idea of ​​the head of the Bulgarian section of KMG, Mrs. Fanglei Xia /with the beautiful Bulgarian name Tsveti/, who coordinated and guided its preparation around the clock, and the three girls who perform the song in perfect Bulgarian are wonderful Chinese girls with Bulgarian names, Nadia, Iley and Katerina, who have graduated in Bulgarian and are presenters in the Vitosha Studio of Radio China.

“How much work has been put into this great musical greeting, how much love for Bulgaria exudes from the performance of the three beautiful Chinese girls”! – these exclamations were heard from the guests of the celebration, accompanied by thunderous applause after the end of the screening of the song. And the collaboration with the famous Bulgarian singer Tedi Katsarova, who supported the project and actively participated in it, was met with applause and satisfaction.

Some of the guests even asked to get the link to the video so they could listen to it over and over again!

The event was attended by representatives of the media, diplomats from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sofia, the executive director of the Center for the Promotion of Cooperation in the Field of Agriculture between China and CEE, Dr. Momchil Stanishev, who also represented the Ministry of Agriculture, the chairman of the SBZ Snezhana Todorova, heads of departments of Eastern languages ​​from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, from “Confucius” Institute and other Bulgarian institutions.

After the official opening of “Tea for Harmony”, the Cultural Counselor at the Chinese Embassy Guan Xin /Guan Xin/ emphasized that tea is an integral part of Chinese culture and very often “drinking tea” is actually a form of communication, such as between friends, as well as during conversations on various topics related to business, culture and art.

For his part, the host of the event – Director of the Chinese Cultural Center Hong Hai explained that the series of events related to the history, traditions and preparation of tea, which will be held in the halls of the KCC, along with various demonstrations and lectures on the preparation methods and its drinking, were initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Municipality, and will contribute to the even wider spread of Chinese tea culture in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. .

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