The schools in the Sofia region are ready to welcome the first school day

The schools in the Sofia region are ready to welcome the first school day
The schools in the Sofia region are ready to welcome the first school day

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Are schools ready to welcome the school year? and how many children will cross the threshold of Sofia schools on September 15? Are there any schools undergoing renovations, and is there an action plan in the event of another covid wave? On these and other issues, Rositsa Ivanova, head of the Sofia regional police station, and Vanya Kastreva, head of the Sofia police station, spoke on the air of Radio Sofia.

Ivanova said that categorically on the first school day, students will be present. On the occasion of the covid waves, she also said that the decisive role lies with the Ministry of Health, and the Minister of Health will assess whether and when it will be necessary to suspend the present educational process.

“This school year, in the first grade, 1,980 students will enter the threshold of our educational institutions, that’s what we expect. We expect the total number of students from 1st to 12th grade to be 23,565,” said Ivanova and added:

“I will immediately bring peace that the entire educational network in the Sofia region is fully prepared to open the school year”. She assured that all schools are ready to meet the heating season, as well as in case of transition of the educational process to an electronic environment. Disinfectants are provided in educational institutions (a total of 171), medical care is also provided. In some of them, there is no possibility of appointing medical staff, but they are served by personnel from other educational institutions.

“All repair works that were started during the summer vacation have been completed. There is one school left, which will close on September 10, one large-scale renovation in Kostinbrod at the secondary school and three educational institutions will remain. These are two vocational high schools in Kostenets and Dolna Banya, whose repairs will continue until September 30 and until October 30, respectively, and a primary school in the Samokov Municipality in the village of Yarlovo, which should also be completed on September 30. But they are in buildings where the normal educational process will not be hindered, and measures have been taken to protect the health and life of the students and the teaching staff,” assured Ivanova.

Vanya Kastreva also joined in on the topic, who shared that although the learning process will be present we must always be ready for a backup option to be able to react in a crisis situation. She pointed out that, as of today, repairs are still ongoing in 47 capital schools, and after September 15 there will be some, but without hindering the educational process. Regarding the fact that language high schools remain preferred, Kastreva said that for several years now the favorite for the admission of the students with the highest achievements in the National External Assessment and the Certificate of Basic Education has been “Sofia Mathematical Gymnasium”.

“In second place after it is a vocational high school, also unique in its structure and the direction in which it works in the field of technology. This is the Technological School “Electronic Systems” at the Technical University (TUES)”, she added and shared that they are followed by language high schools.

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