The road between Berkovitsa and Montana has been repaired

The road between Berkovitsa and Montana has been repaired
The road between Berkovitsa and Montana has been repaired

The main repair of 7.2 km of road II-81 Berkovitsa – Montana, in the section between the village of Blagovo and the regional center of Montana (from km 94+000 to km 101+199.48), has been completed, the Road Agency reports.

The second-class road is the main communication of North-West and South-West Bulgaria through the ridge of Stara Planina. It is the most direct connection for residents of the Montana and Vidin regions to Sofia, as well as to Danube Bridge II and the port of Lom.

The renovation began in September 2020. The renovated section begins about 2 km after the village of Blagovo, continues in the direction of Montana, passes along “Diana” street in the industrial zone of the city of Montana and ends before the junction with the bypass of the city of Montana and Blvd. .”3rd of March”. The route connects the settlements in the municipality of Berkovitsa with the regional town of Montana. The heavy traffic from Sofia, through the “Petrohan” pass to Montana and Lom passes through it.

At the beginning of 2022, with the issuance of the use permit, the rehabilitation of another section of road II-81 between the villages of Borovtsi and Blagovo, with a length of 7.71 km, was completed. With the implementation of the two projects, the condition of nearly 15 km of the second-class road between the regional town of Montana and the municipal center of Berkovitsa has been improved, road safety has been increased and optimal traffic speed has been ensured.

The section has a new asphalt concrete pavement, a renewed drainage system, new trenches and drains have been built. The landslide in the area near the Chernila dam has been strengthened. The bridge at the 98th km over the Ogosta River, which has four openings and is 85 m long, and the road overpass over the railway were repaired. the Boychinovtsi – Montana – Berkovitsa line. The facilities have replaced waterproofing, asphalt concrete pavement, sidewalks and safety fences. The section has new restriction systems, road signs and horizontal markings. To increase traffic safety, solar signs have been installed on the banquettes to measure the speed of vehicles.

The total value of the project is BGN 7,310,357.79. Of these, BGN 6,213,804.12 is from the European Regional Development Fund, and BGN 950,273.42 is national co-financing. BGN 146,280.25 is the contribution of API.

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