137 years of united Bulgaria are celebrated with a festival in Vidin

137 years of united Bulgaria are celebrated with a festival in Vidin
137 years of united Bulgaria are celebrated with a festival in Vidin

Photo: Severnyatsi FC

An open-air dance party is organized by “Severnyatsi” Folklore Studio, and the occasion is the Day of Unification.

The organizers promise a more than 3-hour celebration with the mood of the Bulgarian folk. This open-air horotheque has been traditional for the Folklore Studio for several years now, he said for Radio Vidin, studio manager Erik Petrov:

“People know what it’s about and they come and uninvited they come. Unfortunately for two years we stopped it for obvious reasons, now we want to resume it because it’s a pretty good venture. It is dedicated to the Unification of Bulgaria and we use this holiday so that people can celebrate it properly. What could be better than this, many people next to each other, holding hands in a Bulgarian dance… There are no pre-registrations, we have announced it as an event on our Facebook page… Those who want to dress in national costumes, those who don’t want to – with folk elements, t-shirts, dresses, so that there is variety. It’s not necessarily the national costume – whoever wants to command, dressed as they want… Come, you’ll see what the atmosphere is like, what an emotion it is.”

Do they like the choir and do they think it brings people together, we asked in a survey:

“I like them a lot, but I’m not very good at performing, otherwise it gives me pleasure and it defines our identity as a people. It unites them, raises their spirit, self-confidence, mood and brings them together… Yes, I love. I know most of them. ..It’s part of the idea of ​​dance itself… I would love to dance dance, but I can’t. I catch myself from time to time in some simple things, otherwise I enjoy watching people dance, I like it very much.”

The dances start at exactly 18:00 on September 6 at the Baba Vida fortress.

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