The municipal councilors supported the establishment of Stara Zagora Water Valley Center

The municipal councilors supported the establishment of Stara Zagora Water Valley Center
The municipal councilors supported the establishment of Stara Zagora Water Valley Center


After one-hour debates and familiarization with the details of the SNC proposal Stara Zagora hydrogen valley to establish the Association and apply for financing of a project for the construction of a photovoltaic plant and the production of green hydrogen, the municipal councilors gave their support. 32 of the elders voted in favor and 4 abstained. From the original proposal, point 2 was dropped, stating that the Municipality of Stara Zagora will be an honorary member of the SNC.

From the rostrum of the Municipal Council, Stara Zagora Mayor Zhivko Todorov called for more information to be provided to the public on the subject in order to avoid speculation. At this stage, you consent only to the establishment of the Association and participation in the open online acceptance of documents Horizon Europe. Today’s decision protects the interests of the Municipality and its people. If the project is won, the subsequent actions will again depend on the Municipal Council. Support today does not obligate you in the future. The project has the potential to create something useful for Stara Zagora. We must be responsible, but also activeMayor Todorov addressed the councilors at the beginning of the extraordinary meeting.

The proposal states that the Association declares the development of a project – Zagora Sustainable Hydrogen Region (written in English: Zagora Sustainable Hydrogen Region, abbreviated – ZAHYR), which is based on the understanding of the conversion of intermittent electricity from a photovoltaic plant (green electricity) into hydrogen (green hydrogen) to be stored, transported and used as an energy carrier in the directions of hydrogen electromobility, industrial applicability and power generation according to a predetermined time schedule and load-power profile. This approach ensures controlled emission-free energy production and is an applied demonstration on a practical industrial scale of the European goal set in the Fit55 programs and the updated RePowerEU strategy – 100% clean electricity.

The establishment of the right to build – according to Art. 45 para. 8 of the NRPUROS of the Municipality of Stara Zagora, will be submitted for discussion and voting only after the SNC Stara Zagora hydrogen valley certified that the project Zagora Sustainable Hydrogen Region has received approval and funding.

In the session of the local parliament, engineer Julian Strumski took part, who answered the questions of the elders on the subject on behalf of the Association.

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