BSP met with the OSCE mission in Bulgaria

BSP met with the OSCE mission in Bulgaria
BSP met with the OSCE mission in Bulgaria

BSP Deputy Chairman Kristian Vigenin, BSP Executive Bureau member Hristo Prodanov and BSP National Council member Georgi Svilenski met with the mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Bulgaria, led by Nina Suomalainen. The meeting was held at the invitation of an organization.

The representatives of the left informed the international delegation about the progress of the campaign for the early parliamentary elections on October 2. Machine voting, the role of the official cabinet in the organization of the election process and its intervention in the election campaign, voting outside Bulgaria were fully discussed.

The Socialists regretted that the parliament did not accept a mixed voting, with paper ballots and machines, and shared that fully machine voting worries some voters, mainly the elderly, and may be a reason why they do not come out to exercise their right on vote.

OSCE representatives raised questions related to the possibility of forming a stable government after the elections. Christian Vigenin stressed that this would depend a lot on the election result and voter turnout, noting that a highly fragmented parliament would make this process difficult.

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