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Krasimir Kamenov is known by his nickname Kuro. Earlier today it emerged that he and his wife were killed in an attack at their home in South Africa.

The businessman lived in one of the richest neighborhoods in South Africa – Constantia.

Two months ago, Kuro was charged by the prosecutor’s office with being a guarantor of the murder of the former head of the criminal police, Lubomir Ivanov, in 2022. Kuro was also declared an international wanted man with a “red bulletin” by Interpol.

Krasimir Kamenov is one of the few figures from the underworld of the 90s who remained alive. Officially, his business is related to vegetable markets and parking lots. Then he and Christophoros Amanatidis-Taki were an integral part of the strike brigade of VIS-1, which was under the wing of Metodi Metodiev – Meto Iliyanski.

Taki was charged in 2009 as the leader of a drug distribution group and causing grievous bodily harm. Five years later, the charges were dropped. Again in 2003, Metodi Metodiev disappeared without a trace after leaving his home without security and a mobile phone.

Unofficially, Kuro was associated with smuggling and drugs and with the so-called golden goal at the “Captain Andreevo” border crossing.


In March 2023, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev linked Kuro to the former majority owner of KTB, Tsvetan Vasilev, who is based in Belgrade.

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