Karadai: It is irresponsible to say that there will be no government

The economic and energy crisis cannot be solved without overcoming the political crisis in the country. This was stated by the chairman of the DPS Mustafa Karadai at a pre-election meeting in Pleven. It was attended by the deputy chairman of the DPS Stanislav Anastasov, the leader of the list of the Movement in the region Mario Rangelov, the leader of the European liberals Ilhan Kyuchuk and the social expert Dr. Hasan Ademov, former social minister.

Right now we are seeing a competition between the self-proclaimed “Change” and GERB who will be first and how no one will do anything to anyone else. Why are they competing and where are they headed? Because it is now clear that after these elections no one will have a majority. It is very irresponsible to the problems of the Bulgarian citizens for someone today to assume that the political crisis will continue. If that happens, neither the economic nor the energy crisis will be solved because they are waiting for political solutions, Karadayi said. He added that he does not share the opinion that the political crisis has been going on for 7 months because of “one failed government” and that “someone else he had to return to do counter-revanchism to the revanchism of the last ones who ruled”.

Karadai recalled that the last rulers called themselves “Change” in order to change the model of the last 12 years, which “destroyed statehood and democracy, instilled hatred, division and opposition.” Since 2016, we have been talking about dismantling the GERB model in state management, but those who called themselves “Change” “supposedly had to eliminate this vicious model, but they continued it,” said the DPS chairman.

The political crisis is overcome with dialogue, with a clear direction for development, with responsibility for the future of the country. There are topics on which there is no power and no opposition. Therefore, with these elections, we must produce agreement, not counter-revanchism, Karaday was categorical.

DPS has always been that political party that can create the environment and conditions for dialogue and agreement even between conflicting parties, Mustafa Karadai also stated, giving an example of two cabinets with the mandate of DPS: of Lyuben Berov – during the confrontation of BSP and SDS and the Triple Coalition – with the impossibility of the NDSV and the BSP to form a separate cabinet.

The DPS is a guarantor not only of political security, but also of economic stability, Karadai also stated and recalled that only when the experts of the DPS wrote the operational programs, the money from the EU was not late. Now we don’t have a plan for recovery and sustainability, we don’t have operational programs, and at the same time we are impoverishing – both as people and as a country, said the leader of the Movement.

That’s why fate (the draw in the CEC) assigned the first place to DPS, so that with our expertise, experience and key to solving problems, we can guarantee the stability and security that each one of us needs. This is the only way our children will want to return from abroad, Karadai added.

DPS has a plan for the future – very specific, very detailed. And it goes through the strategic choice that Bulgaria has made: membership in NATO and the EU. In addition to being guardians of human rights and freedoms, of democracy, we are guardians of Bulgaria’s choice of values, Kyuchyuk stressed.

Inflation outpaces income growth. And this is one of the serious problems. The other is related to pensions, Dr. Ademov said. He recalled how the DPS experts provided a BGN 120 supplement for each pensioner at the end of last year.

Now the rulers claim that they have increased pensions. However, the bomb that will explode a week after the elections is the so-called recalculation. All pensioners are expected to receive an increase. But the truth is that only 1/3 of them will have it, revealed Dr. Hasan Ademov.

And he said: “We from the DPS have an answer to these questions. First – solving the issue of the political crisis, because this is the crisis of crises. A new administration with an anti-crisis program, in which there is expertise. Without a majority with an anti-crisis change, it can hardly be solved this question.”.

We need to enter the administration because the country needs our expertise to raise the standard of living of the people, said the leader of the list of DPS in the region, Mario Rangelov.

I believe that in the next elections our result will be even greater. I believe that DPS will enter the administration of the state as a responsible and stable party, he was categorical.

People like Mario Rangelov, who help their fellow citizens, should be in the administration, said the Deputy Chairman of the DPS Stanislav Anastasov.

In these crises, with this expectation that the problems will be solved urgently, you cannot create fear in people that there will be no government, that there will be no parliament. It is irresponsible, stressed Anastasov. And he urged: “Fate gave us a chance to be number 1. This is not accidental. Let’s justify this chance!”.

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