Today it is important to think about the new union of Bulgaria

Today it is important to think about the new union of Bulgaria
Today it is important to think about the new union of Bulgaria

Today it is important to think about the new union that we must achieve and that we no longer have any time to postpone. This is what the co-chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov wrote on the occasion of the holiday of the Unification of Bulgaria.

He notes that every such important national holiday becomes an occasion for even greater division and notes that the imaginary borders between people are proving more difficult to overcome than the border that divided our country 137 years ago. Therefore, he considers today, September 6, a day for reflection.

“Democratic Bulgaria” wants to rule now because it knows what needs to be done. We are not afraid and we think that we should …

“It seems important to me today, on the date of the Unification, to say to each other that we have a duty to each other and to our country to try to make the elections coming on October 2 a day that will bring us at least some stability, at least some predictability, from which to begin to de-escalate the tension built up in our society. This is the possible date to go on a good path forward, all together,” Ivanov calls.

Hristo Ivanov calls for urgent leadership at a time of crisis and at a time when politics in Bulgaria has been reduced to outright corruption, primitive PR and mean interpersonal quarrels. “Bulgarian politicians refuse to remember what their task is in the parliamentary republic – to represent the different parts of our society and their sometimes conflicting interests, finding common ground and thus pushing a path forward into the future for the entire nation. “Politics is not just the skill of reading polls and playing on people’s momentary fears, anger or illusions, but the difficult task of looking beyond them and working for great national tasks as a mobiliser of the forces of the whole society,” he said in his address to Bulgarian citizens.

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