The constant increase in prices in our country is not due to the increased prices of gas and oil, but to the greed of the native business

The constant increase in prices in our country is not due to the increased prices of gas and oil, but to the greed of the native business
The constant increase in prices in our country is not due to the increased prices of gas and oil, but to the greed of the native business

/ According to the interpretive dictionaries, specula (from the Latin specula) means an unfair deal, gescheft, fraud.
This is what we have been facing for the past few years. The unjustified growth of prices in all spheres is precisely speculation, and not the result of the operation of liberal-democratic theories such as free market or free competition. Prices are rising mainly because of the unrestricted greed of the native meringues.

Private monopolies and associations /oligopolies/ coordinate prices among themselves. The market is divided among a small number of big fish who are usually members of the same associations and lodges. In fact, there is no market economy, no free competition! Created by the so-called state antimonopoly agency and antimonopoly laws practically do not work. The control bodies are also corrupt, as are the administrative bodies.

That is why greed is spreading, artificial inflation is being pumped, the mass of the people is getting poorer day by day, and the self-forgetting meringues are getting richer and richer

In 2021 and 2022 orders for new BMW, AUDI and MERCEDES mark peaks. Thus, BMW has a market growth of 15% and the best-selling models are X5 and X7! We have reached such paradoxes – at the beginning of 2022, more PORSCHE CARRERAs (base price BGN 260,000) have been sold in our country than Skoda Fabias.

The complicated situation surrounding covid19 and the geopolitical clash in Ukraine gave some justification for this greed, and the local political instability and de facto lack of a subject state completely unleashed it.

As we know, according to neoliberal dogmas, everyone should earn as much as possible, and self-interest is the engine of civilization. In our country, however, this course of action led to ugly, perverted results.

There is nothing else to expect, given that production and trade in our country are dominated by persons with sounding “nicknames” such as the frog, the ear, the Apache or the crocodile…

Our private business, brought up and created during the so-called transition, has neither moral nor ideological restraints, there is neither carrot nor stick for it, there is neither God nor state control.

That’s why even today the prices fly up every day. That’s why from one of the cheapest countries in Europe we became one of the most expensive, that’s why today imported French blue cheese costs less than native Bulgarian yellow cheese of average level.

The same applies not only to food, but also to all other household goods – starting with alcohol (a 0.5 liter bottle of Straldzhanska Muscat is now around BGN 18 – the same as 0.7 liter Johnnie Walker on sale) and reaching firewood ( they already cost about BGN 200 per cubic meter, and a year ago they were 80-90).

We have to fight all this, and there is no one. The power that should take care of the people – the nation state – is missing. The elite – both business and political has sunk deep and comfortably into the armchair of the liberal matrix and has totally succumbed to its “trinity” – SELFISHNESS, GREED, SIMPLICITY!

And there are ways to fix it. Our history also shows us this. During the Great Depression in 1929 in the Kingdom of Bulgaria, a law on speculation was adopted, through which the dishonestly earned capitals were confiscated. In the Ministry of Trade, there was a Directorate of Prices, where in the production of new goods the costs were proved by the manufacturer and the final price was approved. With such information, the @liberal @ombitas will jump that this would be communism or fascism, but it is not.

This is called normality. It is normal for the state to take care of the nation. Our current state, in which she is only a broker of the interests of our and foreign oligarchs, is abnormal.

Ergo – we urgently need to restore the subject state, which, if it has to not only confiscate, but also beat! In our latitudes with anything but a stick is difficult. And this is also proven by history.

Let the @liberal @ombitas squawk. They will croak to the first stick…

And finally – how to do this? It can only be with a rebellion, with a revolution. With nothing else!

Some still hope or believe that with the methods of parliamentary democracy, that is, with elections, something can be changed. It can not. It doesn’t work. All, I repeat all political entities are put into the show called political struggle by the same oligarchy that pays them even the election campaigns. Parties are in the game to preserve the status quo, not to change it!

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