Tita: We’ll all have fun with ‘The Stars in Us’ – the different and positive impersonation show – Shows – Highlights – The Stars in Us

Tita: We’ll all have fun with ‘The Stars in Us’ – the different and positive impersonation show – Shows – Highlights – The Stars in Us
Tita: We’ll all have fun with ‘The Stars in Us’ – the different and positive impersonation show – Shows – Highlights – The Stars in Us

Tita is one of the most beloved stars of the Bulgarian music scene, an idol of teenagers, an actress and a singer, and from today she enters a new role. She will serve as a judge to discover new music stars in the star-studded show, which starts tonight, September 11 on NOVA. In the “Wake up” studio, the singer lifts the curtain on the star impersonation show and reveals what the viewers are about to see in the newest music format on the Bulgarian television airwaves. She will be joined by Sofi Marinova, Viktor Kalev and Dobrin Vekilov – Doni, who will have the difficult task of evaluating the performances of the participants. According to the executive, this will be a responsible but very fun task.

“I met different people, and this is due to the concept of the show, in which ordinary people, with normal professions and who have never stepped on a stage, will have a chance to be like their favorite artist. They will imitate him on a big stage, in front of the whole of Bulgaria. I can’t wait for you to see the first episode. Imitation is a complex task and it is a combination of many elements – not just singing. I have a solid idea, as I have participated in “Like two drops of water”. First is the acting and the movements. For each performer there are characteristic things that can be captured and we actually pay attention to them”, shares Tita’s impressions.

“I don’t feel so competent to judge people if they are good, but I am careful if they got the image. Every single performer they imitate has specific and characteristic features,” reveals how strict she is in her judgments.

Maria Ignatova and Nencho Balabanov: “The Stars in Us” will be an amazing show

In the format we will see over ninety participants who are in 30 teams. Tonight in the show we will see 5 teams of different performers.

“It’s hard to be a jury, but my vote is not a matter of life and death. We do not determine fates and make general decisions. This is one moment impersonators have the opportunity to experience on stage, and I urge everyone to go out with that attitude. The show is great fun, and even if they don’t win, it’ll be a lifetime memory. Against the background of bad news in the world and in our country, such a show related to positive emotions is great. When I got eliminated from a similar show I was in, I was 15 years old and it was quite memorable and dramatic for me. But it actually gave me wings and a boost. That’s how I grew up very quickly,” is the advice he gives to the participants.

“When you wake up and get up with one thought, you can’t wait two or three years. That was the phrase that was running through my head at the time and it had to do with the fact that I was only 15 years old. When a person dreams of something every day, there is no time to wait, because life is too short,” the performer shares her memories of her performances.

Tita admits that over the years she has become more combative, brave, independent and self-confident. According to her, every woman should evoke these qualities in herself.

Sofi Marinova, TITA, Viktor Kalev and Doni will judge the participants in “The Stars in Us”

“It’s difficult and you have to be clear about what you’re doing. You should not be influenced by anyone, but you should be focused on what you want. But perhaps the most important thing is to be able to preserve yourself”, reveals how the young singer, with versatile talents, maintains balance in the world of show business.

When the spotlights go out…

“People who know me know that I am different in my personal life. When they look at me on Instagram I seem more daring, while when they talk to me they see an ordinary girl. I thought that the artist is like that on stage, while in life we ​​are ourselves. Toma helps me save. I want to keep the unknown face just for my private world.”

“When I was alone, my personal life was the most crushed and maybe I wasn’t happy, that’s when I was most successful in my work. I’ve had such moments, but I quickly get out of them,” says the artist about the painful moments that are reflected in her work.

Tita admits that she constantly gets disappointments in life, but she tries to quickly get out of these moments. Her advice to her fans is to believe in themselves and never forget that there are people who care and love them.

“I know that fame goes hand in hand with my chosen work. I’m used to them and I love them. It gives me even more pleasure to see smiles on the faces of complete strangers.”

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