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A repeat murderer was awarded the Russian Order of Courage

A repeat murderer was awarded the Russian Order of Courage
A repeat murderer was awarded the Russian Order of Courage

The head of an organized criminal group, Ivan Neparatov, died in the war in Ukraine, and by decree of President Vladimir Putin, he was awarded the “For Courage” medal, as well as the “For Blood and Courage” orders of the so-called LPR and DPR. This was reported by the publication The Insider, quoted by “Now”.

Neparatov died on August 5 in the city of Artyomvsk, Donetsk region from “explosive shrapnel that penetrated his head.” In Putin’s decree, it is written that Neparatov was awarded “for bravery and heroism shown in the performance of tasks during the special military operation.”

Neparatov and eight members of the criminal group were convicted in 2013. Neparatov received 25 years in prison. He has not served half of his sentence when he goes to the front. According to the investigation, in 2013, Neparatov and his accomplices attacked a Ukrainian, a construction manager, and stole 176,000 rubles from him. The same year, the group also attacked a family in the village of Svatkovo.

In March 2010, Neparatov killed an acquaintance who refused to transport the group to the next attack. He was killed with 88 stab wounds. An entrepreneur was killed in the attack. Neparatov also killed three of his debtors, and the sum of the debts did not exceed 10,000 rubles (approx. 300 euros).

Earlier, several media reported that the alleged head of PMC “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin personally visited several prison colonies and recruited prisoners to fight in Ukraine.

“I have special powers from the president, to hell with everyone, I have to win this diabolical war at any cost,” Prigozhin quoted a prisoner from IK-4 in Plavsk, Tula region. “Important Stories” claims that PMC “Wagner” offered prisoners in two colonies in St. Petersburg to go to Donbas to “help find the Nazis.” They were promised 200,000 rubles each for 6 months of service and amnesty if they returned alive.

According to the media, PMC “Wagner” visited at least 17 colonies in 10 Russian regions and recruited over 1,000 prisoners to fight in Ukraine. In a colony near Rostov-on-Don there is a base for special training, where those who agreed to fight are trained for 20 hours a day. The first group of prisoners was sent to the front on July 20.

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