Kate Middleton always manages to overcome children’s hysteria with these tricks

Kate Middleton always manages to overcome children’s hysteria with these tricks
Kate Middleton always manages to overcome children’s hysteria with these tricks

Everyone loved the celebrations in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee. Except for Prince Louis.

The youngest heir to the Dukes of Cambridge kept getting cranky, grimacing, and at one point he almost went hysterical.

Fortunately, the “performance” was avoided thanks to Kate Middleton’s proper behavior. The duchess kept her composure and sense of humor. She removed his small hand from her face with a smile, turning her attention to what was going on around her. Looking at her, the little one gradually calmed down.

5 things smart parents don’t do when their kids throw tantrums

Prince Louis, of course, is not the only child who behaves this way in public. The problem is that parents can’t always figure out how to diffuse the situation without unnecessary drama.

To cope with her children, Kate Middleton, for example, seeks the help of personal consultants – royal nannies from the famous Norland College. And probably follows the advice of famous British experts. They all talk about how to beat a child’s tantrum in public.

Here are their tips:

Take a breath and count to ten

“A lot of people start worrying about what other people think and lose control. You’re an adult, so you need to control yourself. Take a deep breath and count to ten if you need to,” advises consultant Kirsty Ketley.

Play the quiz

“If you notice signs of approaching hysteria, ask the child questions about the surrounding objects. These can help prevent the storm.

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The most important thing is to nip the hysteria in the bud,” says journalist and “child behavior guru” Tanith Carey.


“Offer him a hug. This is one of the easiest ways to calm him down, as he feels secure when he’s sitting and cuddling. Not all children are up for it in a tantrum, but once he’s calmed down a bit, ask : Do you want a hug?

Make sure he knows you’re there, ready for a hug,” advises Ketley.

Cheer him up

“What I like about this idea is that if you’re still capable of joking, then you’re still capable of calmness. The most helpful thing you can do when a child is having a tantrum is NOT to torture yourself .

Laughter and playfulness will help both of you because they will release endorphins. And it will be easier for both you and the child to calm down.

Remember: this is a transient phenomenon.

If the child is already hysterical, take care of yourself first. “Take a few deep breaths and imagine the situation as a cloud flying over you. It will soon pass.

Stop a child’s tantrum with just one simple question

And remember: the child does not like to be capricious so much. What it wants most is to feel safe and in control again,” says Kirsty Ketley.

Find something to distract him

Sometimes you can distract the child just before the storm starts, experts say. If there is something interesting in your bag, take it out and show it off. You may be “surprised” by a product on the supermarket shelf. Or draw his attention to an animal by looking at it and exclaiming enthusiastically.

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