Princess of Wales Kate appeared at Elizabeth II’s funeral wearing a pearl necklace (pictures)

The Princess of Wales appeared at Elizabeth II’s funeral wearing a pearl necklace that belonged to the Queen, while the Duchess of Sussex wore jewelry given to her by the late monarch, British media reported.

The wife of the heir to the throne William was in a black dress, the model of which, according to the electronic edition of the magazine “Hallow”, is by the fashion house “Alexander McQueen”.

Kate wore a black hat and a pearl necklace that belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth II. According to the online edition of El magazine, the Princess of Wales wore the same necklace to Prince Philip’s funeral last year as a tribute and admiration for the love between the two spouses. Her dress was completed with a wide-brimmed hat with a veil.

Princess Charlotte, the daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales, wore a horseshoe-shaped brooch in memory of her late great-grandmother. Elizabeth II was known as a lover of horses, reported the electronic edition of the “Daily Telegraph”.

The little princess followed the coffin with her brother George. The children arrived with their mother and Queen Consort Camilla. Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is a pivotal moment in the lives of 9-year-old George and 7-year-old Charlotte. They joined 2,000 mourners in a ceremony watched by millions of viewers around the world.

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The children’s participation in the mourning ceremony in memory of the 96-year-old queen was carefully coordinated by parents William and Kate, notes the Daily Telegraph. 4-year-old Louie stayed home for this long day of community service.

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Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is the first time George and Charlotte have appeared in public following the death of their great-grandmother on September 8.

According to sources, this was a consequence of a collective family decision. It is assumed that the children themselves wished to participate in the funeral procession. This is understandable given the respect and affection for their great-grandmother and the central place she held in the family, as well as her importance to the monarchical institution.

During her lifetime, Elizabeth II ordered a photo shoot with the heirs to the crown, in which not only the then prince, now King Charles III and Prince William, but also the little Prince George took part.

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Duchess of Sussex arrives at Westminster Abbey funeral wearing pearl and diamond earrings, presented to her by the late Queen. Prince Harry’s wife wore the same earrings to her first public engagement alongside the late Queen in June 2018, notes the Daily Telegraph. Then they opened a new bridge in Cheshire.

In the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan said that it was the Queen who gave her the jewelry in question – earrings and a necklace.

She did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral in April last year as she was seven months pregnant with her daughter Lilibeth at the time.

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The Duchess of Sussex chose a hat without a veil. The model is similar to the white “Dior” he bet on for the Queen’s Jubilee. Meghan’s black dress was designed by Stella McCartney.

Prince Harry’s wife sat near Princess Beatrice, behind Queen Consort Camilla. The Duke of Sussex was behind his father, King Charles III.

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