A key appointment to a very important chief position in the country!

A key appointment to a very important chief position in the country!
A key appointment to a very important chief position in the country!

Dimitar Marinov is the new chairman of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union

Sofia, Bulgaria18 March 2023, 21:32 4230 read 0 comments

With 209 votes in favor, master pharmacist Dimitar Marinov was elected chairman of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union.

The previous general secretary of the union pointed out in his election speech “We are strong when we are in community”. He won in a runoff against master pharmacist Venelin Sapunarov, who received 130 votes.

The Congress continues with the election of members of the BFS management board, general secretary and chairmen of committees for the term 2023-2026.

360 registered delegates and representatives of RFK took part yesterday and today in the VII reporting-election congress of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union.

On the agenda of the first day of the congress was the adoption of the report of the leadership of the union.

In the 2020-2023 mandate, Prof. Asena Serbezova was elected as the chairperson, who at the end of 2021 became the Minister of Health and handed over the leadership of the BFS to Master Pharmacist Velina Grigorova.

Prof. Serbezova’s team, without changes, continued to lead the pharmaceutical union. The report on the work of the BFS was presented by Prof. Serbezova, Ph.D. Velina Grigorova and the general secretary of the union, Ph.D. Dimitar Marinov, BNR reported.

The Congress obliged the newly elected leadership to participate in the preparation of the 90th anniversary of Prof. Rahamin Shekerjiyski in February 2024. Prof. Shekerjiyski has made outstanding contributions to the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union and the development of pharmacy.

He is the author of a number of methods and technologies in the preparation of medicinal forms.

Known as the “Father of Benalgin”, his inventions have been used in space to study taste analyzers in extreme conditions.

Prof. Rahamin Shekerjiyski is part of the team of Bulgarian specialists in the field of pharmacology and immunology who created “Virus Safe”, defined as a breakthrough in the prevention and support of the treatment of Covid-19 and patented in early 2021.

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