We are reporting a very good tourist season

Domestic tourism is marking a very good summer season, catching up to pre-pandemic 2019 levels.

This was reported on BNT by Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov, who is part of President Radev’s interim government, but at the same time a member of “We continue the change”.

The season is going very well. For 2019, from January 1 to August, we had 6.1 million tourists, and in 2022, we had 5.15 million tourists. Which means that we are catching up and are already below 30% compared to 2019.

The main goal of the cabinet was to mount an aggressive campaign that was successful. The levels from before the COVID pandemic have not been reached, but expectations have exceeded forecasts, the minister pointed out.

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The main customers along the Black Sea are the Bulgarians, he also noted.

“The Bulgarian is a critical tourist. And keep in mind that Turkey and Greece are next to us. Yes, he is saving the season at the moment”.

But the Bulgarians should not be counted on for optimal results in tourism, Dimitrov pointed out.

“Poland is developing well, Israel is catching up, the United Kingdom. But Bulgarian tourists still represent over 60% of tourists on the Black Sea”.

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