Candidate-students bet on quality education at VUSI

The application for the new 2022/2023 academic year in The Higher School of Security and Economics – Plovdiv, is in full swing, and the interest from seniors across the country is huge. The Graduate School of Security and Economics offers innovative undergraduatemaster’s and doctoral programs in three professional fields:




as some of the specialties in the field of security can only be studied at VUSI in Plovdiv and the region.

“National Security”,

“Cyber ​​Security”,


“Countering Terrorism”,

“Combating crime and maintaining public order”

are just some of the majors offered to prospective students with interests in the field of national security.

They are among the most desired economics majors

“Digital Marketing”,

“International Business” and


while in the direction “Administration and management” these are

“Business Management”,

“Business Administration”,

“Management of business information technologies” and others.

From the upcoming academic year, VUSI has expanded the offer on Masters programs with several highly sought-after and up-to-date specialties:

“Cyber ​​Security and Strategic Intelligence”

“Intelligence Management”

“Government of the State and Business Management”

“Emotional intelligence and organizational behavior”

“Public policies, sustainable development and leadership”

They are now open for enrollment, and studies show that specialists with such qualifications are extremely highly valued in the labor market.

For us, students are and have always been the number one priority, and our aspiration is to provide quality education at the European level, which we succeed in doing. Indicators of this are the students themselves and the constantly growing interest in the Higher School of Security and Economics from the countryof the candidate students,

comments Prof. Ph.D. Georgi Manolov – president of the Higher School, and adds that he is extremely proud to see in the eyes of freshmen crossing the threshold of VUSI, that flame and desire for knowledge and development inherent in intelligent, young and promising people.

The candidate student campaign at VUSI is passing with enormous interest. This year it is much different and broken – master classes are organized, live demonstrations are held, lectures are given by proven professionals. This is only a small part of the opportunities that the university provides to future students.

All those who wish to study at VUSI and have questions can book an appointment for an online consultation through a form on the site and meet virtually with a VU representative. The goal is for prospective students to be maximally facilitated and informed in their choice.

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