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They launched promotions up to 40%, ultra all inclusive fall…

They launched promotions up to 40%, ultra all inclusive fall…
They launched promotions up to 40%, ultra all inclusive fall…

Hoteliers attract late vacationers with huge discounts

The prices of hotels along the native Black Sea coast drop by almost half in September and the holiday is extremely profitable. If you look at the prices from Primorsko to Sunny Beach, you will see that the reductions are drastic. They reach 40%, and with personal agreements for a larger number of nights, hoteliers also offer additional discounts, bTV informs.

The 4- and 5-star all-inclusive hotels, if in the peak season of July and August the price was 130-140 BGN per person, now it is 70-80 BGN per person. A weekly vacation for two instead of 1,820 leva, now costs 980 leva.

In Primorsko, they rely more on Bulgarian tourists in September. It is calm in the resorts, both in the restaurants and on the beach.

In the largest resort complex “Sunny Beach” they have a very flexible price policy, there they lower them in stages.

“September falls in the middle and low season, prices fall by 20 and over 30%. We are afraid that there will be no tourists because the charter programs are stopped”, said Plamen Kopchev, hotelier and chairman of the Board of Directors “Union of Owners in Sunny Beach”.

Bookings are dwindling and some hotels are already closing, but others will continue to operate until October 5-6.

“Ultra-inclusive meals are currently available with us, and we are currently on BGN 80 per person, which is very acceptable. If you stay at home, you will spend more money,” explained Rumen Monchev, who is a hotelier at “Sunny Beach”.

They report a heavy season at sea and a very short one.

“We had an absolutely crazy season. We have revenues about 20% more than in previous years and about 40% inflation,” says Monchev.

The idea of ​​extending the season will not happen this year, but September can be fabulous for vacationers who decide to choose it.

All summer the Black Sea has collected solar energy and in September the water is always warm. You can also build up a tan without the risk of burning.

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