A fire destroyed a house in Ruse (PHOTOS)

A fire broke out around 15:30 in a house under the Sarai bridge in Ruse. According to the owner, who was in his home at the time of the incident, the fire started from the electrical wires supplying the property.

Two teams of the fire department were sent to the scene, and heavy equipment from neighboring construction sites had to be used to push the outbreak. The home was full of many combustible materials piled up in one place, for which the neighbors reported to the Ruse municipality. Their main concern was that if a fire broke out, their homes would also suffer


Due to the fire, a mother with a child and an elderly woman had to be evacuated from a neighboring property, a truck parked next to the fire was also damaged.

Firefighters were delayed as they waited on the scene for a crew from the power distribution company to come and turn off the power so they could begin extinguishing the fire. Finally, they decided at their own risk, at the risk of their lives, not to wait for them, but to act to extinguish the fire.


The house has completely burned down, and its inhabitants are left without a roof over their heads. The reasons are being clarified.

The article is in bulgaria


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