For the first time, the school bell in Kardzhali rang on December 12, 1913

Svetla Mihailova, curator in the department of new and recent history in RIM Kardzhali

Photo: Bozhidar Cholakov, BNR Kardzhali

The school bell rang for the first time in Kardzhali in 1913, when the first Bulgarian secular school was opened in the Eastern Rhodopes. The first school year begins not on September 15, but on December 12 with eight students.

After the Balkan War, the three-member administrative commission in Kardzhali faced two very serious problems to solve – health and school. Difficulties are not lacking, there is no school building, and the number of students is small. Nevertheless, the chairman of the three-member committee, Sava Nedyalkov, and the chairman of the school board, Ali Suleymanov, go to Sofia to plead with the Minister of Public Education to allow the opening of a school in Kardzhali.

Not long after, on 31.10.1913, the newly appointed district school inspector Kiril Vankov arrived in Kardzhali. The inspector was sent to study the conditions for opening a Bulgarian school in Kardzhali District.

Shortly after the inspector, his wife Paraskeva Vankova – the first teacher in the Eastern Rhodopes – arrived in Kardzhali. Native of Wulchedrum, Montana. Only 21 years old, she laid the foundations of education in the region.

The first academic year in the first Bulgarian secular school in Kardzhali, which began on December 12, 1913 with eight students, but ended with twenty-six, was opened very solemnly.

Paraskevea Vankova - the first teacher in Kardzhali

Paraskeva Vankova has been a teacher in Kardzhali for only two years. During this time, her husband inspector Kiril Vankov also created the first community center in Kardzhali – “Obedinenie”. With the outbreak of the Second World War, the school inspector was mobilized to Varna and the teacher Vankova left with him. After his death, she went home and worked as a teacher in her hometown. Then he moved to live with his eldest daughter in Sofia, where in 1966, by chance, he heard a report on the radio about the first school in Kardjali and thus renewed his ties with Kardjali.

“She hears kind and warm words about her in the report, on the radio, and so she decides to write to the leaders of the city at that time. They are happy to answer her letter. They send her a brand new car “Volga” to bring her to Kardzhali for the opening of the school year at the “Father Paisiy” school, where she is warmly and heartily welcomed by teachers and students, says Svetla Mihailova, editor in the new and most new story in RIM Kardzhali.

Paraskeva Vankova was awarded the highest honor in the Kingdom of Bulgaria - an order

Paraskeva Vankova was awarded the highest honor in the Kingdom of Bulgaria – the Order of St. St. Cyril and Methodius first degree. The order can be seen in the Regional History Museum in Kardzhali, where photographs of the first teacher in the Eastern Rhodopes, given a reading and a letter to the first eight students in the region and to her husband Kiril Vankov, laid the foundations of the first community center in the city.

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The stamp of Kiril Vankov - the first school inspector in Kardzhali

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