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This evening, Gazprom announced that it was forced to completely stop the gas supply along Nord Stream-1 until the repair of an discovered damage

Along the river are the villages of Chernozemen, Dolna Mahala, Gorna Mahala, and Razevo Konare. All mayors have been warned to monitor the river level

Heavy rain blocked main boulevards in Ruse

During rush hour, public transport stopped

A car crashed into a house in Smolyan (PHOTOS)

The wrecked car crossed into the oncoming lane and hit the first floor of the house

Oleksiy Danilov

“I want to emphasize that this is a challenge for the whole world – how to secure this nuclear installation. If the world community cooperates with us in this matter, we will be very grateful,” he added.

The Ministry of Defense has released aerial footage taken by an Air Force Cougar helicopter during rescue operations over the Karlovsko flood region

About 20 people were rescued by helicopter from the worst-hit village of Bogdan

<p>A 30-year-old woman died in an accident between two cars</p> <p>“/> </p></div> <p> <br />  </p> <div class=

There are no reports of other casualties

Radev: Bulgaria must have a functioning parliament and a stable regular government

“I strongly hope that the parties have learned their lessons and in this campaign will not burn the bridges over which they will have to negotiate to form a government,” Radev also stated


Vaccines also protect against possible long-term health consequences of contracting COVID-19

<p>Peskov: These gas supplies are still at risk</p> <p>“/> </p></div> <p> <br />  </p> <div class=

It is not Gazprom’s fault that the necessary components for the facility are missing, he said, adding that because of this, “the reliability of the entire system is at risk.”

They announced when the construction of the interconnector with Greece is expected to be completed

He was adamant that the October 1 deadline for putting the facility into commercial operation will be met

Dozens were evacuated in Karlovsko, about 20 people were rescued by helicopter

Emergency teams of the Metropolitan Municipality evacuated 12 people in the village of Karavelovo, among them a mother and a baby

<p>Gorbachev translator: He died shocked and confused</p> <p>“/> </p></div> <p> <br />  </p><script async src=


After midnight, there will still be rain and thunderstorms in North-Eastern Bulgaria

<p>Russia: We will stop selling oil to countries that do this</p><!-- Composite Start -->
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A driver with 2.93 parts per million of alcohol crashed into a roller in Ruse

For such a crime, the law stipulates a penalty of one to three years in prison and a fine of BGN 200 to BGN 1,000.

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