Slavia beat Lokomotiv (Sofia) 2:1

Slavia defeated Lokomotiv (Sofia) from 0:1 to 2:1 in the capital derby of the ninth round of the efbet League, played at the Alexander Shalamanov stadium.

The “Railwaymen” took the lead after Ertan Tombak (8′) diverted the ball into his own goal at the very beginning of the match. In the second half, however, the “whites” reached the turning point after two quick goals by Christian Dobrev (50′, 64′).

Slavia – Lokomotiv (Sofia): 2:1 (Development of the meeting by minutes)

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Thus, Slavia already has 15 points, which send the team to the sixth position in the championship standings. Lokomotiv (Sofia) is in 9th position with 12 points.


The match started evenly, with both teams trying to impose their game. However, in the eighth minute, the visitors took the lead after Ertan Tombak scored an own goal. Bozhidar Katsarov towered over everyone after a cross from a corner kick and headed the ball into the goal. An insidious ricochet in Ertan Tombak followed, which further complicated the situation for Svetoslav Vutsov and the ball stretched the net.

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In the 21st minute, Antonio Vutov saw that Svetoslav Vutsov was moving away from his goal and tried to pass him, but the goalkeeper of the “Whites” felt himself in time and managed to kick into the corner.

Dimitar Mitkov led Tony Tasev behind the defense of the railwaymen. The football player found himself face to face with Ljubenov, but he hurried and sent the ball out. Thus, the first half ended with no goals scored.

The derby in which there is no tie for the longest time

The derby in which there is no tie for the longest time

The last “hicks” were recorded in the 2009/10 season, when both games ended 0:0

The second part started well for the “Whites”, after Christian Dobrev equalized in the 50th minute. Ertan Tombak played a clever lead pass to the footballer, who found himself face to face with Alexander Lyubenov. Dobrev kept his cool and sent the ball into the goal.

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In the 64th minute, he again brought a turnaround for Slavia. An excellent attack ended with a cross from the left to the far post. There, Dobrev rose and sent the ball into the goal with his head.

In the 70th minute, Galin Ivanov sent a powerful shot from mid-range. However, Lyubenov dived and kicked in a corner kick.

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In the final minutes of the match, there was almost no football. The game was extremely interrupted due to the continuous violations of the players of both teams.

Zagi vs. Genchev – an old story

Zagi vs. Genchev – an old story

The Serb was Genchev’s mentor at Litex in the fall of 2013

The article is in Bulgarian

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