The early voting campaign has begun

The early voting campaign has begun
The early voting campaign has begun

The pre-election campaign for the early parliamentary elections on October 2 officially started at midnight today. It will last until midnight on September 30. This is stated in decision 1322-NS of the CEC and in the chronogram published on the commission’s website.

28 political formations – 22 parties and 6 coalitions – will take part in the elections for people’s representatives on October 2, BTA recalls. Only two independent candidates – Luna Yordanova Yordanova in 25 MIR-Sofia and Tsvetan Hristov Atanasov in 3 MIR Varna – were nominated for the vote in October by Initiative Committees.

The parties and coalitions, as well as the numbers with which they will go to the vote in October, are:

1. PP “Movement for Rights and Freedoms”
2. PP “Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy” (BSDD)
3. PP “Bulgarian National Unity – BNO”
4. PP “National Movement “Edinstvo””
5. PP “VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement”
6. KP “Just Bulgaria”
7. PP “Direct Democracy”
9. KP “We Continue the Change”
10. PP MIR
11. PP “Conservative Union of the Right – CODE”
12. PP “BTR-Bulgaria of Labor and Reason”
13. PP “Coalition for you Bulgaria”
14. PP “Vazrazhdane”
15. KP “Bulgarian Rise”
16. PP “Bulgarian National Union – ND”
17. PP “Stand up, Bulgaria”
18. PP “Movement of Non-Party Candidates”
19. PP “There is such a people”
20. PP “Voice of the People” Yu
22. PP “Pravoto”
23. PP “People’s Party the truth and only the truth”
25. KP “Democratic Bulgaria – Unification”
26. PP “Bulgarian Social Democracy – Euroleft”
27. PP “Attack”
28. KP “BSP for Bulgaria”
29. PP “Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland”

Since the “United People’s Party”, the mandate holder of “We are coming”, has not registered a single list of candidate deputies in the multi-mandate constituencies in the country, the name of the party, as well as its number – 21, although drawn in the CEC’s lottery, will not appear in the bulletin.

National Movement “Edinstvo”, which have not registered lists in 12 MIR-Montana and 21 MIR-Sliven, will not appear on the ballots that will be used to vote in these two constituencies.

In the ballot for the vote in October, the names of the registered independent candidates will appear on the ballot for the relevant MIR.

The pre-election campaign is conducted in Bulgarian, it is recorded in the decision of the CEC. Citizens, parties, coalitions, initiative committees, candidates and advocates have freedom of expression and election campaigning in oral and written form at election meetings, as well as through media service providers.

Candidates for people’s representatives and the parties, coalitions and initiative committees that have registered candidates have the right to equal access to the sources of information they need for the purposes of the election campaign.

Pre-election meetings are public. The organizers and the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are responsible for the order of their conduct. Meetings are organized according to the Law on Meetings, Rallies and Manifestations. When holding elections for people’s representatives on October 2, 2022, the provision of Art. 92, para. 3 of the Law on the Ministry of the Interior does not apply.

Election campaign

“Election campaigning” is a call to support or not support a candidate, party, coalition or initiative committee when participating in the elections for people’s representatives on October 2, 2022, according to the decision of the CEC.

The name and symbols of a party and coalition placed on objects that do not contain an appeal for support are not considered propaganda within the meaning of the code.

During the election campaign, candidates, parties, coalitions and initiative committees may prepare and distribute posters, addresses and other campaign materials, and each campaign material must be marked on whose behalf it is issued.

It should contain information that buying and selling votes is a crime. In audio- and audio-visual materials, this information is contained as an unambiguous and comprehensible message.

The campaign materials are placed in places designated by the mayor of the municipality/district/town hall. The mayor’s order is made public and sent to the district election commission. Campaign materials may be placed on buildings, fences and storefronts only with the permission of the property owner or manager.

It is within the powers of the regional election commissions to rule on complaints about improperly placed campaign materials during the election campaign. By decision of the regional election commission, the mayor of the municipality, the district or the town hall or the deputy mayor shall remove or seize the posted and distributed campaign materials in violation. If necessary, the removal and seizure takes place with the assistance of the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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