Isn’t there anyone who will drive this scumbag out of Maria Luiza Blvd. in Burgas

The car is trashed, only the skeleton remains

02 September 2022Friday, 7:31 p.m.

Author: Flagman

The Lada has been sitting there for several months

Old VAZ 2103, no number, white in color, has been abandoned for several months on “Maria Luiza” Blvd. opposite “Probuda” St., signals our reader Rusi Vassilev. He also sends several photos of the car and insists that measures be taken, that it be repatriated, because it obstructs traffic and creates conditions for a road accident.

The spider did not pick up cars without license plates because there was no one to pay for the service

“This old Lada appeared a few months ago. It looks abandoned. It has no license plate, engine, seats. The car is obstructing traffic – when turning left from “Maria Luiza” Blvd. to “Probuda” St., cars moving straight must reduce or stop because this vehicle is obstructing. I asked the traffic police on duty nearby to file a report with the municipality, but they said it was not their job. I also reported it to the municipal spider, but they didn’t pick up cars without license plates. There was no one to pay the expense, they explained to me. It turns out that there is really no way to get this car out of there,” writes Rusi Vasilev.

A few months ago, the car was abandoned, after which its elements began to disappear one by one

On the first working day, will check who is responsible for the removal of this car and why departments transfer responsibility to each other.

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