The refugee hunter Dinko Valev remains disabled for the rest of his life? – Lifestyle – Bulgaria

The refugee hunter Dinko Valev remains disabled for the rest of his life? – Lifestyle – Bulgaria
The refugee hunter Dinko Valev remains disabled for the rest of his life? – Lifestyle – Bulgaria

Yambol businessman Dinko Valev will probably remain disabled for the rest of his life after a brutal accident that took place near Devnya at the beginning of the week. The 35-year-old refugee hunter was seriously injured after a 150kg crane boom fell on him while trying to repatriate a tanker that had overturned on the road. Dinko was urgently called to Devnya to help with his heavy mechanized equipment, but he himself almost lost his life in a horrific way.

Eyewitnesses of the cruel cripple say that Dinko was pulled out with difficulty from under the iron and was in a critical condition – with a broken pelvis, crushed vertebrae and dozens of severe contusion wounds. The 35-year-old refugee hunter was loaded into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital in Varna. There, however, the doctors helplessly threw up their hands with the admission that they were unable to perform the necessary emergency operations.

Because of this, Dinko’s relatives are

hired a helicopter for BGN 40,000,

with which on Monday evening the red-haired entrepreneur was transported to the Sofia “Pirogov” hospital. There, Dinko was operated on by a team led by Prof. Dr. Diyan Enchev – a luminary in orthopedic traumatology. The operation on the broken vertebrae lasted 7 hours, and in the coming weeks the refugee hunter will have several more difficult interventions. And while Dinko himself is optimistic that he will get back on his feet, doctors interviewed by The Weekend expressed skepticism that he will make a full recovery.

“His treatment can last for years, and the most important thing is not to get an infection and end up with venous plexuses in the pelvis with life-threatening bleeding. There is also a risk of injury to his urethra and bladder. “Dinko’s injuries are similar to those received by Mityo Ochite during the shooting of Bojo Kravata in the Four You restaurant in Sunny Beach,” the doctor claims.

In all probability, Dinko will stay at least 2 months in “Pirogov”, and subsequently he can continue his treatment at the specialized clinic “Johns Hopkins” in Istanbul.

Dinko’s treatment will cost over 100,000 euros,

but there is no guarantee that he will be able to get back on his feet and move around on his own without the help of a wheelchair and cane.

The cruel incident with Dinko Valev is the second work disability in his activity since the beginning of the year. This spring, the red-haired businessman’s base for secondary raw materials in the industrial zone of Yambol, in the area of ​​the former “DAP”, was engulfed in a huge fire, which was extinguished for hours by 8 teams of fire fighters, among whom firefighters from Sliven and Elhovo arrived urgently.

Because of the fire disaster in Yambol they were

elevated ammonia levels reported

and carbon emissions, but fortunately all went without human casualties and seriously gassed workers and firefighters. At the time, forensic experts commented that the fire at Dinko Valev’s car morgue was due to poor work discipline and improper handling of the machines by his workers, almost all of whom were of Roma origin.

Dinko Valev made headlines throughout Bulgaria 5 years ago, during the first refugee crisis, when he single-handedly arrested 11 Syrian emigrants who entered Bulgaria illegally and published a video of his heroism on Facebook. Subsequently, rumors spread that the Yambol “patriot” was actually carrying out his raids on the border in order to

robs illegal refugees.

Last fall, Dinko Valev again detained a large number of migrants near Elhovo, and then human rights organizations demanded that he be tried for threatening refugees with a rifle. However, he defended himself by saying that he had carried out a civil arrest and that he had not fired shots with his legal weapon, but had only detained the migrants until the border police he had called arrived.

After the severe accident with a tanker, Dinko Valev will hardly be able to drive his ATV by himself anymore and catch migrants who have illegally entered Bulgaria. The relatives of the 35-year-old Yambolia are hoping for a miracle and praying that he will not remain confined to a wheelchair forever.

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