France pleased Germany with important news

France pleased Germany with important news
France pleased Germany with important news

French President Emmanuel Macron has said his country is ready to supply gas to Germany this coming winter if the energy crisis calls for such a move.

This will allow Germany to produce more electricity, which in turn will allow Germany to provide power to the French grid during peak hours, he told reporters after a video call with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“We will complete the gas connections that will allow us to supply gas to Germany,” Macron said.

Both Germany and France are struggling to replenish their gas reserves after Russia cut supplies in response to Western support for Ukraine in its war with Russia, AFP reported.

Germany is more dependent on Russian gas than France, which produces most of its electricity in nuclear power plants.

The French government has repeatedly warned that companies and retail consumers must reduce energy use next winter, with blackouts possible during an unusually cold winter.

Macron said “the answer is up to us” and that the French should reduce their energy consumption, for example by using air conditioning and heating “a little less than usual”, to avoid power cuts.

Indoor temperatures in winter should be kept at no more than 19 degrees Celsius, he said.

Macron also said he supported joint gas purchases by EU governments, which he said would make them cheaper.

Meanwhile, he added that France would support any move by the European Commission to set a price limit for gas bought from Russia and delivered via pipelines.

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