A failed chalga singer became the bride of a Dubai sheikh – Gossip

A failed chalga singer became the bride of a Dubai sheikh – Gossip
A failed chalga singer became the bride of a Dubai sheikh – Gossip

Chalga singer Zhivko Dobrev, who never managed to break into the folk sky, fulfilled his dream and settled down with a shiny life.

The Plovdiv native has been struggling for years to make a hit in his homeland, but he never managed to become recognizable to more than 300-400 people. A few years ago, the performer gave up his “career” and went to live in Dubai.

“Weekend” learned that Zhivko has become the “bride” of a Dubai sheikh, who repays the talent more than well for his caresses. Dobrev has a gay romance with a wealthy local Arab whom he met years ago through a male-to-male dating site.

“Vividly hit the jackpot. Many fellow citizens and colleagues envied him, especially Krum, but no one could settle down like him. The Arab sees him as a written egg”, commented acquaintances.

The 39-year-old expatriate met the Dubai native online, and the two are in a serious relationship and have been together for several years, despite laws in the Emirate where gay relationships are prohibited.

Zhivko cannot brag about his 5-star lifestyle and expensive gifts from the Arab. The rich man is idle all day and is fully supported by the Muslim, who provides him with regular shopping for tens of thousands in Dubai malls, dinners in expensive restaurants, hairdressers, massages from Dubai to the Maldives, trips around the world in first and business class on local airlines , which hold one of the highest standards. It was whispered that all this he got in return for being a slave in bed, but it was by no means against his wishes.

At the moment, Zhivko is in London and rarely thinks of his native Plovdiv. Although he avoids showing footage of his home, it is known that he lives in a maisonette, and the price of such a home would make the hairs of the native rich stand on end.

Zhivko Dobrev often flies to Morocco and France, staying only in the most luxurious hotels, where one night is equivalent to the salary of an average Bulgarian for a whole year. The youngster flies in business class or by private jet. Transfer between European capitals by private plane costs between 40 and 100 thousand euros. When he is in London or Dubai, where he lives most of the time, he drives a latest Mercedes model, the current price of which is around 200,000 euros.

Zhivko spares no money for his outfit either, as just one of his “Hermes” bags, which is made of genuine crocodile skin, costs 73,000 euros (143,087 BGN). In some of the photos, he poses with a watch worth over 50,000 euros. All these are just some of the gifts for Dobrev, who duly thanked his beloved.

The failed folk musician does not think of returning to Bulgaria at all, because he is satisfied with his life, which he would never have in our country. The vain gay, who hides his age, but “Weekend” learned that he is 39 years old, does not stop advertising his expensive gifts, which already exceed a million euros.


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