Marina from England is accepted right in the Netherlands, dreams of a career in international institutions


“I’m lucky to have studied at one of the most elite high schools in the country,” says the editor-in-chief of the Delta Te student newspaper.


She is intelligent and ambitious. He speaks English and German perfectly, dreams of practicing law and building a career in international institutions. Already accepted in the Netherlands, she will pursue international and European law.

Marina UZUNOVA from 12. K class is one of the students that the English High School can be proud of. President of the Student Parliament 2021-2022, editor-in-chief of the student newspaper “Delta Te” this school year. In the 11th grade, he became a laureate of the national Olympiad in Bulgarian language and literature. She is a scholarship recipient of the Ministry of Education and Culture for the program for talented children, which supports students with high results in national and international competitions and Olympiads.

Marina lives in the “South” district, her father is engaged in private business, and her mother is a teacher. Since childhood, she loves to read books, literature is her passion, she writes poems and prose. She studied at “Dusho Hidzydekov” Primary School until the 7th grade, and after receiving excellent grades in the national external assessment, she was accepted to the English High School. He defines the five years at EG “Plovdiv” as irreplaceable.

“I am happy that I studied in one of the most elite high schools in the country.

The training and knowledge I received here are an extremely good basis for my development. The teachers treated us with great love and dedication. Many of them left a deep impression on me, and the classy Kremena Kruchmarova changed my views on the English language and made me fall in love with it. I made a lot of friendships at school, these 5 years were amazing,” the high school senior rewinds the tape.

Marina Uzunova shines in a black outfit at the ball of the English High School

Bulgarian and English are her subjects and every year she participates in Olympiads.

“For the Olympiad in Bulgarian language and literature, serious preparation is necessary, there are more questions than literature, creative and critical thinking is required,” shares Marina. She is satisfied and from the matriculation exams that have already passed, she expects excellent grades. To prepare for the state matriculation exams, he relies entirely on the knowledge from school.

“On BEL, I wrote an interpretive composition on the topic “The Path of Initiation in Love” based on the poem “Initiation” by Petya Dubarova. I am a fan of her work. I was happy that such a nice topic came up, it is one of the most gentle, but also very deep poems that Petya Dubarova wrote. We can most relate to her way of thinking, since the poetess died at our age. In her poems, there is an expectation for the world and the future – something typical for young people,” reflects the Plovdiv woman.

Among her favorite poets are Peyo Yavorov and Pencho Slaveikov. “Their way of writing and expressing is very close to me. The two are one of the best Bulgarian authors and deserve worldwide attention,” Marina Uzunova is convinced. She herself writes poetry and prose, already in the 7th grade she participated in the National Literary Competition at the Municipal Children’s Complex – Varna and received an incentive award, she entered the National Literary Competition “Petya Dubarova”, organized by the Municipality of Burgas. Until 4 years ago, she wanted to devote her life to writing, but now her dream is to deal with international law.

“Back in February, I was accepted in the Netherlands, I will study international and European law at the University of Groningen.

The teaching is entirely in English, and the main emphasis of the program is on the teaching of public international law and European Union law. With this major, I will have many opportunities for development. I am aiming for education abroad, because this specialty as a bachelor’s degree does not exist in Bulgaria. I would like to build a career in international institutions after I graduate. As young people, we should be interested in what is happening in the world and want to participate in the processes, and international and European law make it possible for all this to happen. I believe that in Bulgaria young people can develop and have a good future, as long as they try. One of the reasons my classmates and friends go abroad is to get a good education. There is a greater choice of majors as well as practices. Regardless of whether we are at home or abroad, I believe that everyone will have the opportunity to prove themselves and build themselves as professionals,” the high school graduate is convinced.

In his spare time, he likes to ski in Pamporovo, and this has already become a family tradition.
However, her favorite pastime is reading.

He shares that he buys a lot of books and rushes to read them. He is interested in the works of Leo Tolstoy, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Baudelaire, but generally prefers a variety of literature.

Last year, on January 6, on the occasion of the 174th anniversary of the birth of the revolutionary poet Hristo Botev, at the ceremony in front of the monument in the Tsar-Simeon garden, Marina Uzunova delivered the official speech. Her words shook the people of Plovdiv, who had come to pay their respects to the great Bulgarian.

This is how the text written by the student from the English High School ends:

“The times in which we live are dynamic with their diversity, and we, finding inspiration for the construction of brighter days, finding deep in our hearts the love for the homeland and the native, love for the people around us, finding the strength to change for a better good, to fight for the ideals we want to meet against ourselves, we give a new part of ourselves, a new part of the future to those beautiful Bot ideas and dreams that will live on through us here and now.

On this day, let us remember, let us feel in our hearts Botev through the ideals he bequeathed, through his work that lives in freedom, let us turn 174 years back and back at this moment to find the values, longings and struggles , scattered between the past and the present. Let us live, returning to the life of Hristo Botev – a great Bulgarian, whose courage, intense love for the homeland and self-sacrifice, whose path, dream and direction are devoted forever as the eternally beating heart of Bulgaria!”

For the school newspaper

Delta Te is the student newspaper of English High School. It was first published in 2000. The initiative belongs entirely to graduates of the “Plovdiv” EG. The task of the newspaper is to cover what is happening in the high school, as well as events that would be of interest to the readers. Delta Te gives voice to English High students. In addition to information, the newspaper also serves to inform the school’s everyday life. The activity of the editorial team closes the entire cycle of publication: gathering information, recording materials, photo and video reports, editing, proofreading, graphic layout, printing and distribution.

“It is up to us whether we will publish “Delta Te”, what topics to choose. I have been part of the newspaper since the 10th grade, and in the summer of 2022 I became the editor-in-chief. A large part of the team is made up of twelfth graders. Due to the pandemic, we had to switch to an electronic version only, but this year we managed to bring back the paper edition as well. We had a December issue, then February. We had to stop for a while due to the preparations for graduation, but we are currently preparing one last issue, which will be published in June. Then we need to choose a new Editor-in-Chief to take over and continue this tradition. Everyone at the English High School was excited about the idea that we were bringing back the paper edition. “Delta Te” continues to be expected and sought after by students, says editor-in-chief Marina Uzunova./PlovdivPress


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