Water crisis in Bulgaria by 2050

Water crisis in Bulgaria by 2050
Water crisis in Bulgaria by 2050

Sofia is among the 50 cities in the world threatened by a serious water crisis by 2050, according to an analysis by the World Wildlife Fund WWF, cited by BNR.

This is not new, but the situation since this year has increased interest in the state of water resources and their availability for the population of Europe, Stoyan Mihov, a water expert at the fund, commented to the national radio.

The analyzes are based on climate forecasts for the next 20-30 years.

“In most countries, in an unfavorable direction – the risk of a part of the population being left with very limited amounts of water is increasing. Not only for household and drinking needs, but also for business and the development of the economy of the countries as a whole,” explains Mihov.

In his words, Bulgaria falls into one of the reddest points on the European map: “Along with a larger part of southern Europe – mainly Spain, southern Italy and us here in the Balkans – Bulgaria has the most unfavorable prognosis.”

“We are used to thinking that Bulgaria is a country with a lot of water resources, with enough rivers, tributaries, springs. But looking at per capita, Bulgaria is below the European average in terms of water availability. It cannot be compared at all with the more northern countries of the continent. We have seen a slight increase in the availability of water per capita, but this is not because there is more water, but because the population is decreasing drastically.”

It is hypocritical to ask the ordinary citizen to save water, given that we have huge losses along the routes of the water transmission network and most likely we are record holders in Europe, pointed out Stoyan Mihov.

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