A feast during the plague in Plovdiv with a heavy smell of mines and corruption

A feast during the plague in Plovdiv with a heavy smell of mines and corruption
A feast during the plague in Plovdiv with a heavy smell of mines and corruption

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Plovdiv disaster! Only 15 kilometers from Plovdiv, people are homeless, threatened by hunger, dehydration and infections.

But what does the big city do for small towns? Nothing, of course!

Yesterday from Plovdiv24.bg We made an official inquiry to the municipality of Plovdiv in what way did our city get involved in overcoming the consequences of the flood? Until today we have not received an answer, and the reason is because it should have been: By no means!

From the very first days various municipalities, including Sofiajoined with manpower and products, Plovdiv is silent.

Zdravko Dimitrov does not care, he even rejoices at the misfortune of the victims, thanking God that he did not spill Maritsa, for under his rule her trough has been reduced to a disgraceful condition and cannot withstand even a light tidal wave.

True cynicism, however, is feasting during a plague. Instead of donating funds, albeit from the taxes of the people of Plovdiv, to help the victims, the Plovdiv governor will throw a lavish banquet for satisfied fat politicians on the occasion of the Unification. We are not saying that the holiday should not be celebrated, but is this ostentatious feast necessary while there is a plague in your area?

Even more cynical is the public order that the municipality is preparing, namely for perfuming the shafts of the city, for which nearly half a million BGN will be spent. You heard correctly, half a million BGN for perfuming the shafts of Plovdiv. Plovdiv, which sank into dust, dirt and ruin during the reign of Zdravko Dimitrov.

Plovdiv, which will soon be completely impassable, because for the mayor-basketball player it is more important to stretch “resto” and he is ready to start any project, anywhere, without caring if it will be completed. Will this same Plovdiv “perfume” its shafts? What is the reason for this cynical order? You guessed it, the “change”!

The corruption that covered the administration of Zdravko Dimitrov is so severe that no effort is made to cover it up anymore. Expect an investigation in the coming days Plovdiv24.bgwhich will show you that it is already known which company will win the “public contract” for the “perfuming” of the mines.