Look at the circuit breaker

Look at the circuit breaker
Look at the circuit breaker
Reader of Plovdiv24.bg contacted our media to share what he witnessed some time ago. We give him the floor now:

“Hello, I am writing to you about systematic harassment by kids with cars coming to a 60 seconds car wash – 58-66 Tsar Simeon St., 4023 Trakia Industrial Zone, in the middle of the night with revving engines, music, shouting, turning tires and what not.

The case of late August: We wake up to the roar of engines. The time is 03:01. Accordingly, the children also woke up and the little roar. I go to the window and look at a group of kids with three cars and I clearly hear “Look my quo prai on a switch…”.

I got dressed and went to the car wash. I was taking pictures of their numbers, and they were asking me why I was taking pictures. And I asked them why you force engines at 3 in the night? The answer was “This is a public place, I’ll do what I want”.

I called 112 (the time is 03:11) and described the situation, adding that I had the numbers of the cars. My signal was received. I went back to the block and waited for the reaction of the authorities. By 03:30 they had already washed their cars and left as a group. Two of the cars were driving normally, but the gray BMW stopped, beeped several times, and then with a dirty gas caught up with the others. The police never came.

This begs the question, when and how will these kids realize that they are in a city, and that they need to be aware of certain things? When will the authorities do something about it?

Finally, dear parents, if you recognize any of the cars in the photos, please explain to your children that they too were children and were woken up at night by various idiots with their stupid behavior.


The article is in bulgaria


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