Checks on the use of alcohol and cigarettes begin among teenagers in Blagoevgrad

Checks on the use of alcohol and cigarettes begin among teenagers in Blagoevgrad
Checks on the use of alcohol and cigarettes begin among teenagers in Blagoevgrad

An action against the use of alcohol and cigarettes among teenagers began in Blagoevgrad. Employees from the municipal inspectorate carry out increased checks in the parks in the central part and in the neighborhoods of the city, monitoring whether children drink and smoke in open public places, reports BNT.

The goal is to achieve prevention among adolescents. Several parents have already been fined. The city garden and the underground space in the center of Blagoevgrad are the places where the employees of the municipal inspectorate most often detect young people drinking or smoking, mostly at dusk or in the later hours of the day.

“First we establish the identity of the young people, and the next steps are to call the parents. If we need assistance from the police, it is also provided. The next steps are a warning, a report of findings and possibly fines,” explained Anton Kovachev, chief inspector at the “Inspectorat” unit – Blagoevgrad municipality .

More often, young people get away with a remark, but if the violations are more or more serious, it can lead to a hefty fine, which the parents pay.

“The last time it happened that we issued three fines with a receipt of 50 BGN on the spot. The parents showed understanding and the action was very successful. Sometimes it is two or three violations in one. It happens that there is vandalism, together with the use of alcohol, cigarettes and so on. Then the fines are higher. We draw up an act directly – up to BGN 500, depending on the type and nature of the violation,” comments Kovachev.

Constantine and Nevena, 14 years old, commented on the use of alcohol and cigarettes among teenagers to BNT.

“I have personally seen many children under 18 who smoke, drink and other things,” Konstantin explained.

“Especially in the evening, and not only children, but also adults,” adds Nevena.

Both say public scrutiny and more intense background checks will respect the youth, at least some of them.

“At least I agree with that, but most kids who are our age, or a little younger, older, wouldn’t stop, because most of my peers go out at 1-2 o’clock, go to discos, drink , they sometimes even enter hospitals,” says Konstantin.

“And I have literally seen children under the age of 18 buying alcohol and cigarettes at the cash registers,” adds Nevena.

The municipal inspectorate explained that in the coming months, when children are at school, they will strengthen control over the sale of alcohol and cigarettes to underage teenagers

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