Asen Vassilev was at the Lukoil headquarters, there is a witness

Asen Vassilev was at the Lukoil headquarters, there is a witness
Asen Vassilev was at the Lukoil headquarters, there is a witness

“Asen Vassilev said that you live better. When you go to the store, do you buy more, weren’t you robbed of 1 BGN for every liter of gasoline and diesel? Your money went to Putin and to Lukoil, maybe to something else place and we hope that in time this will be proven. Because surely Asen Vasilev was at the Lukoil headquarters as Deputy Prime Minister and we have a witness. Yes, with the date and time, everything is known. Sooner or later this witness will find strength and courage to understand this. The result of these meetings is measured in billions, at the expense of Bulgarians’ pockets, and that is a fact.”

The leader of the party and the leader of the lists in Plovdiv and in the 25th MIR in Sofia said this today to GERB sympathizers in Lovech, also mentioning encrypted conversations with Moscow or Geneva.

Borisov also commented on the report of the Acting Minister of Finance, Rositsa Velkova, predicting a gloomy fiscal scenario with inflated expenses.

“Let’s not forget that Rositsa Velkova was Asen Vassilev’s deputy minister and wants to do his dirty work now, to fill the huge hole in the budget by taxing every company in Bulgaria. They want to take a few billion more from you through this tax in order to fill Asen Vassilev’s hole. What comes out – that they allegedly increased pensions, which inflation ate, but now they want to rob your working children as well. Who will suffer – the white, transparent, honest companies that drive the economy and industry. They will not let’s tax neither tourism, nor restaurateurs, nor gyms, they suffered the most from COVID”he pointed out, referring to the Cabinet’s intention to submit a draft budget with the restoration of the reduced VAT for some sectors to 20 percent, as well as an additional excess profit tax.

“There was no one else to survive, they treated us brutally in those two years. But strength is our weakness – we are too strong, there are many people who believe in us. They cannot even paint what we have done. For months, guardrails are not repaired and there are no markings on the roads. Dear Shishkov, when he was taking “nuts”, did he not see that there are no markings and at night people will kill each other. Did he not see what his guardrails are like? Why didn’t he take the broken guardrails along with “the nut”? They talk just to pick on each other and belittle what we have done. But people can compare” – Borisov also touched on the subject of highway construction inspections.

And he stated that he was even grateful to the cabinet for “Hemus” – “that they at least invested some funds at some point to prevent it from falling, because these are more than 27 huge bridges and the taxpayers’ money would have gone down the drain”.

“Where is the factory for electric cars in Lovech? Two years later, the media is not going to show the meadow with photovoltaics, as well as the full dam, which they drained in order to take pictures. They also wanted to drain the Gabrovi dam, but Tomislav Donchev is a real Gabrovi and was photographed with today’s newspaper, they got scared and did not drain a single dam again. And all this happened with the help of the media, they advertised them from morning to night” – continued the leader of GERB, referring to the “Petkov” projects promised by the government.

“Velkova does not contradict herself, this is a secret report to the ministries. When it became known to the media, they threatened her because there is a law on banks, according to which if she instills fear, she is criminally liable. That is why she withdrew. But this is the real situation in the country. Nikolay Vasilev put a board in the center of Sofia, which shows every minute how the debt is going and how Bulgaria is in debt with billions.One media did not show it.

When I became prime minister, there was no sports hall in Sofia, neither in Plovdiv nor in Ruse. There was in Varna, but after an examination it became clear that the supporting columns of the floor were suspended in the air, and 9 meters of water below. God protected us then, because if he had failed, I don’t know if there would have been a survivor. We redid the whole hall there. In Burgas, the largest sports hall in Bulgaria has been ready for 2 years, it is bigger than Arena Armeets. They don’t let her in, and the world athletics championship was supposed to be there. They don’t release it so people forget we made it. The situation is the same with churches and monasteries. There’s nothing we haven’t done.

It’s hard, but me and my team know how! That’s why we need huge support on April 2nd. If a government is not formed, it will be a punishment for whoever decides to rule after another early election. We have one last chance!” Borisov also declared in front of the full hall in Lovech.


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