A residential building will replace the demolished tobacco warehouses in Plovdiv

A residential building will replace the demolished tobacco warehouses in Plovdiv
A residential building will replace the demolished tobacco warehouses in Plovdiv

A residential building will be built on the site of the demolished tobacco warehouses in Plovdiv.

Even though Acting Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov visited Plovdiv three times within 24 hours, and even though he signed the order to declare the warehouses an immovable cultural asset, this did not stop the excavators.

The local government and the ministry were in sharp conflict throughout the day.

To bTV, the investor stated that he plans to build a residential building, and citizens declared themselves in defense of the cultural heritage.

Tobacco warehouses are emblematic of Plovdiv. In the city, they say that it was from them that the writer Dimitar Dimov drew inspiration for his novel “Tobacco”.

In August 2016, flames engulfed several of the complex’s most iconic buildings. A 44-year-old homeless man was sentenced for the arson of the tobacco warehouses.

The damages amount to over 11 million BGN.

Six years later, excavators began demolishing other tobacco warehouses. The Acting Minister of Culture rushes to the scene at midnight, together with the police.

The ODMVR-Plovdiv stated that the police will remain in place until the prosecutor’s office pronounces itself and it becomes clear whether the demolition is legal.

Yesterday, while the first excavators were demolishing the building, an expert council at the “Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage” decided to change its status, but today there is no building.

According to the local authorities, the assembly is legal.

The head of the “Investment projects” department at the municipality of Plovdiv arch. Plamena Andonova stated that this has been a process for more than 5 years and with the inaction of the Ministry of Culture.

“The investor is private, they do not have permanent town planning status. New construction is planned, anyone can demolish them after notifying the municipality,” she added.

A representative of the investors told bTV that they plan to build a residential building on this site.

“We have photographed it so that it looks at least 90% like the old one. Minister Minekov can say what he wants at home, we follow laws and regulations. There is not a single cultural monument in this property,” Stoyan Stoyanov is categorical.

This afternoon, the Acting Minister of Culture met with citizens.

“When you buy this, there is a risk. If you have criminal intentions, it is a loss for the whole of Bulgaria, you see what a cultural monument looks like”, said Minekov.

Another scandalous demolition, this is part of the city’s history, affects the entire cultural life of the city, said a citizen.

The director of the “National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage” stated that the mayor of Plovdiv Zdravko Dimitrov is personally responsible for the destruction of the two warehouses in the “Tobacco City”.

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