A legendary house is collapsing

A legendary house is collapsing
A legendary house is collapsing

Dimitar Talev’s house in his hometown of Prilep in North Macedonia is collapsing. The legendary house, which is described in the “Iron Lighthouse” as the home of the Glaushevi family, has been owned by the family of Snezhana Acheska since 1926. The woman wants to sell it only to the Bulgarian state. But our state has not shown interest for two decades. The house where Dimitar Talev was born and grew up in Prilep.

“The Iron Lamp” describes the life of the Glaushevi family in this particular house. It is now crumbling.

There is a risk that this house will be lost if the Bulgarian state continues to show indifference and a lack of national feelings. The heirs ask the Bulgarian politicians and statesmen to take the only correct decision and preserve the native house considered by all our compatriots to be one of the most worthy Macedonian Bulgarians.

“My greatest wish is for Dimitar Talev’s house to become Bulgarian, to become the cultural home of Bulgaria. I can’t understand why Bulgaria is sleeping. They can put a plaque, but Bulgaria must be a country. Let it manifest itself in the light of a real state and to bow down to the case of Dimitar Talev. Let him return to where he started from. He left this house and from Prilep – let him return. And may his spirit rest in peace,” said the current owner in an interview of the house Snezhana Acheska in front of BGNES.

“At the moment, I am the owner of the house (of Dimitar Talev – note ed.), since the legal owner – my husband, died. I have serious problems: We have been evicted from our house, our country has evicted us, towards which I no longer feel like to a country where I was born and because of certain people I regret that I was born. My problems are big. My husband died sad because he was kicked out of the house where he was born and it is very hard. No to say who kicked us out – I said it where it should.

This man is currently in prison and I wish him to stay there for the rest of his life. The goal was for him to take her and for him to sell her. I didn’t let that happen, I reacted quickly and it was all stopped.”

“My greatest wish is for (the house) to be Bulgarian, to become the cultural home of Bulgaria. Here another problem arises: I ask where is Bulgaria? Why is it sleeping?! I cannot understand why Bulgaria is sleeping. I have been repeating it for years: The amount it is ridiculous for a country not to make sure that the country collects a minimum of 100,000 euros for a house with 10 rooms that can also be turned into a hotel…

The Dimitar Talev Foundation was created, but still nothing was done. People don’t give money. I think it’s a shame. Having Bulgaria’s cultural center in the center of Prilep is a big deal,” said Acheska and emphasized: I expect the Bulgarian state to come and buy it. Give them the keys while I’m alive.

My husband died sad and said to me: Live to accomplish what you set your mind to. Here, I am still alive, I will soon turn 72 years old, and I am asking the Bulgarian state to speed up this process, because I do not know when I will leave. This country also expelled my children – all three are abroad, and I was left alone. At least to finish what I started 20 years ago.

When asked if people often come from Bulgaria to look at the house, Acheska answered: “Of course. Whole buses come or one by one, they enter, walk around the house. Now I don’t let anyone in anymore, because the house is falling apart – it’s an old house and if supports, and for 10 years we were evicted from it, there is no one to support it anymore.

It is normal for it to begin to fall. I could repair it, but one or the other had to be left in it in its authentic form. The house remained authentic, but it will fall if it waits a little longer. It’s starting to drip from different places, and if we were in it, that wouldn’t have happened.

To maintain the old house, we spent as much money as two new ones. There is no one who can say: Snezhana or my mother-in-law brought me back. My mother-in-law was letting everyone in, and we were wondering why so many people were coming. Here was the director of the “Dimitar Talev” high school from Plovdiv. And then I asked: Will someone explain to me why so many people come, why they leave flowers at the fountain, what is happening, what is the reason for all this? The woman explained to me”.

“Even on my first trip to Sofia – and earlier I traveled very often, my two sisters-in-law, the wives of my brothers, are Bulgarian, I went to Pleven, I also passed through Sofia, where I have friends, from Slaveykov Square I bought all the books by Dimitar Talev. I read them and understood what they were about. Only then did I understand who Dimitar Talev is and how sublime is what he writes in his books. I was ecstatic, especially the Iron Lantern.

And this is exactly what gave me the reason to turn to Stefan Danailov. He tried hard but did nothing. There was probably another factor that prevented things from moving forward.”

“Bulgaria must be a country. It must show itself in the light of a real country and bow down to Dimitar Talev’s case. Let Dimitar Talev return to where he started from. He left this house and Prilep – let him return back . And may his spirit rest in peace. I think that once he returns, his spirit will find peace,” Snezhana Acheska also said.

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