Ukraine made an offer that Germany could not resist

Ukraine made an offer that Germany could not resist
Ukraine made an offer that Germany could not resist

The Ukrainian side intends to help Germany end its dependence on the import of Russian energy carriers by supplying electricity to Europe’s largest economy from its electricity surpluses, DPA reported.

“Ukraine now exports its electricity to Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Poland. But we are ready to increase our exports to Germany,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmigal said in an interview with DPA. “Thanks to our nuclear power plants, we in Ukraine have enough electricity,” he said, adding that he would raise the issue during his visit to the German capital this weekend.

Schmigal is expected to arrive in Berlin today, and a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz is scheduled for tomorrow.

After the Russian invasion, Ukraine and neighboring Moldova cut themselves off from the common energy network with Russia. In mid-March, the Ukrainian electricity grid was synchronized with the European one. Since then, Ukraine has been exporting between 400 and 700 megawatts of electricity per day to EU countries and Moldova.

Shmigal wants his country to increase export quotas for the European Union several times. “This will be very good for both countries. The EU will get more energy and we will get the foreign currency we urgently need,” he said.

Ukraine has nuclear power plants with a total capacity of over 14 gigawatts. But the six reactors of the Zaporizhia NPP have been under Russian control since March.

Since the Russian invasion began, electricity consumption in Ukraine has dropped significantly due to the mass flight of the population and the economic collapse. This freed up additional capacities for Ukrainian electricity exports.

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