Celebrate with a fabulous party for Paola

Celebrate with a fabulous party for Paola
Celebrate with a fabulous party for Paola

Preslava left the performances for a while to mark an important day for her family. On Easter four years ago, the folk singer became a mother. On this occasion, today he treated his loved ones for the health of his daughter.

“I’m already 4 years old!”, wrote the artist and shared a photo with the grown-up Paola.

The shot shows that Preslava has ordered a fairy-tale themed party for her child’s birthday – in the style of “Iceland”with princesses Elsa and Jana.

The singer chose a short skirt with a huge ribbon in bright green color, combined with a white blouse and high heels. While for the little girl she has chosen a great designer dress with a floral print.

“Happy birthday, sweet child! We love you!”, reads Preslava’s message, added to a video in which Paola and her guests await the delicious cake.

Meanwhile, folk singer Konstantin, who is a close friend of Preslavashared that the two are number one at children’s parties and thus congratulated the little birthday girl.

In June, the folk singer reunited co-stars and friends, then for her birthday, to toast turning 38.

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