Migrant camps in Bulgaria were overcrowded

Migrant camps in Bulgaria were overcrowded
Migrant camps in Bulgaria were overcrowded

All refugee centers in the country are over 20% overcrowded. “Pastrogor” is overcrowded, as is the refugee camp in Busmantsi. There, with a capacity of 300 people, currently accommodated more than 420 people. There has not been such a load for 2-3 years, reports BGNES.

Refugees are accommodated, including in TV rooms, corridors, as well as in utility rooms. Migrants are mainly from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and less from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria. “At any time, detained migrants are brought to us in various places in the country, almost all of them are under the age of 30 and over 95% are men. Very rarely are there people among them who know any Western language. Some of them speak French,” reports from one of the refugee camps.

Employees at the centers complain of limited financial resources and the inability to maintain the existing base. “For elementary things, they force us to write reports and explanations, and even for parts that cost BGN 50 each, we wait for months for approval. And this means that when this is approved, the machine or technique in need is already completely unusable,” the center also said.

There is already tension among the staff because the workload is 24/7, they complained from there.

Taking into account the conditions of increased migratory pressure, the Directorate “Migration” undertakes organizational actions for the exploitation of half of the capacity of the Infrastructural area with multifunctional purpose (site) on the territory of the Specialized Home for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners /SDVNCH/ in Lyubimets, the Ministry of the Interior announced at the same time .

Equipped containers /vans/ with a total of 1232 accommodation places are located on it. The security of the closed-type object will be provided by seconded employees of the Ministry of the Interior. If the need to use the site ceases, SDVNCH-Lyubimets will continue to function with its normal capacity of 660 seats, the directorate specifies.

The analysis of the data on the state of the special homes for temporary accommodation of foreigners /SDVNCH/ indicates that for the first eight months of 2022, the number of accommodated foreign citizens has doubled compared to the same period last year.

We remind you that the containers were placed on the site in October 2021. Their main purpose then was to provide a larger area and safety according to the anti-epidemic measures for both the residents and the staff of the home.

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