The “Beerfest” once again delights Stara Zagora

The “Beerfest” once again delights Stara Zagora
The “Beerfest” once again delights Stara Zagora

The rain that poured over Stara Zagora hours before the start of the seventh edition of the “Beerfest” did not deter fans of good music, beer and the festival mood. Another edition of the event, which gathers thousands of fans on the meadow in Zagorka Park, has started with a bang, lasting until September 4. And during this year’s edition, the organizers support the “When you drive, never drink” campaign by providing a free bus route for all who wish to enjoy the traditional beer flavors that the Stara Zagorje brewery produces. They will run during the five days from 20.30 to 23.30.

For the opening of the musical event, Kerana and the Cosmonauts, Orlin Pavlov and Veselin Marinov took the stage.

On September 1, the evening will be under the sign of hip-hop with some of the most famous artists in our country – Wosh MC, Sekta, DJ Stevie G + Dj Stanchika, No name Crew, FO & Peeva, Billy Hlapeto & D3mo. It starts at 18.40.

On September 2nd, the Overground Brass Band, Mary Boys Band and Ria, as well as Tony Dimitrova, will perform in Zagorka Park.

The fourth festival night will be a gift for all rock fans – from 18.30, the first chords of Second To None, Rockstage, D2 and Sevi & Johnny Gioeli will be heard.

The last night is reserved for Deep Zone Project, Bogdana Petrova, Desi Dobreva and Ludo mlado Band.

During the festival, the proto-Bulgarian survival school “Baga-tur” will reveal to the visitors ancient practices and skills, clothing and weapons from bygone times in the specially built Aul. There will also be various demonstrations of traditions and customs.

The “Beerfest” has been held since 2015 and over time has gradually become an important part of Stara Zagora’s event calendar. Its organizers are Stara Zagora Municipality and Zagorka Brewery, together with partners and friends. This year, on the occasion of 120 years celebrated by the brewery from Stara Zagora, there are many prepared surprises, photo booths and games for the attendees.

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