Grandparents, old and younger make their own way

Residents of the Smolyan villages of Zmievo and Valchan did a kind of rehabilitation on a stretch of several kilometers themselves on Friday.

“We collected money from house to house, which is needed for one machine change – 520 BGN. The excavator came. People came out with shovels and we took care of what the municipality had to do. We begged the municipality for everything. We absolutely did not we want our road paved. Not only because they won’t pave it, but because we really don’t want it. It is black and very strong. We think it would be much better as black. The point is that once a year it needs from rehabilitation, which is a dredge pass once or twice. Last year this happened and things were fine. This year neither before nor after the rains did we get a dredge. It turned out that the salvation of the drowning is in the hands of the drowning themselves “, said the writer Mona Choban, who has a guest house in Zmievo.

She is adamant that they are not doing the municipality a favor, because this is her commitment.

“I am very bitterly sorry that for the third time it happens that my tourists break their car’s crankcase, because they go on vacation to relax in nature, but when they then have to pay 300-400 BGN to repair their car , what is the effect of this vacation!? I felt ashamed. I even regretted that I didn’t make them call the police to register this incident and condemn the municipality. We collected the money ourselves – we, from Zmievo, have several from Valchan. The mayor’s deputy of Valchan paid extra for what we did not receive. A grandmother with two crutches gave 100 BGN,” Mona Choban pointed out.

According to her, the problem is a lack of will, not money.

“We don’t want miracles. We don’t want care every day, but once or twice a year. If we have a cantoner appointed, once the excavator goes through, he will maintain it the rest of the time. This road was previously only maintained by a cantoner and was in a completely different state. I have tourists every day – from the country, from abroad. People from Smolyan are also constantly coming. This road must be maintained, we understand the distressed situation of the country and the European Union, but this answer is already very scrap. There’s still no money, no will, I think, which is the bigger problem. It’s a small thing. Well, we actually take care of what they’re running. If they can’t take care of it, let them lease it to us , we will put up a barrier and maintain it as a private road. We will make a state within the state, as long as they cannot be the state,” she summed up.

“It is not based on desire and will, but on finances. We have 86 settlements and we make efforts everywhere to solve the problems that have arisen. We are currently in the process of awarding the contract for the repair of streets and roads throughout the municipality. Within 10 days I expect we will conclude a new contract and then we will pay more attention to the villages. The taxes that are collected in one village are not enough to pay the electricity for one month. That is, it really depends on finances, not on will,” said the mayor of Smolyan Nikolay Melemov.


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